Monday, August 23, 2010

Cordlife Philippines

When my son was born in 2007, the closest cord banking facility was still in Singapore. Cord blood would be collected here and stored in their facility there. But now, I was happy to hear that there is already a Cordlife Philippines with a storage facility somewhere in Laguna.

We still don't really have the budget for their yearly fees but cord blood banking is something I really find a good investment. It's not like going over one insurance quote after another where you compare premiums to interests and other terms, it's basically just paying for that option to have stem cells save your child, his sibling or you someday. I am simply amazed that now, cerebral palsy in children is getting 'cured' or 'reversed' and I couldn't help but wonder if it could do the same for other brain-related issues. I was even thinking out loud last night that if our friends had the money, maybe they could collect their second-born's stem cells and have it infused in Anya, who has several neurological issues. I'm just not sure if the 75% possibility of a match is enough to benefit Anya, or if it could harm Anya. But by golly, the leaps and bounds we're making in medical breakthroughs!

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