Friday, August 20, 2010

Scheduled CS It Is

So yes, goodbye to anything remotely resembling Branson vacations for us because we're looking at around P130k of hospital and doctor bills come November.

Reaching this decision wasn't easy. I have cried many tears over it, prayed over it, hoped for the best and second-guessed my motivations. But ultimately, the two reasons why I would go for a VBAC (avoiding surgery and cheaper delivery bills) don't count so much when pitted against all the other conditions and risks.

So now, I rest easy knowing when i'd be giving birth (provided no complications arise, or premature labor happens).

And well, I do need to rest because morning sickness is back... I am back to waking up at wee hours of the morning to eat, back to being unable to sleep, back to retching all the time over the littlest thing. I think my mood is bad for so many days because my body knows it's going to be stressed this way again.

Hay, Yamee. I do love you and your brother so much... but I really wish both of you gave me easier pregnancies. I swear, i'd still appreciate and love you as much without all these drama.

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