Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shopping Weekend

There is currently a Big & Small sale going on somewhere in Pasong Tamo extension. I wanted to go there but decided on skipping it to save myself money.

But then I found out that it's Expo Kid II at Rockwell too this Saturday!!! And since both are in the same general area, I am now itching to go!



Was up early this morning looking at maternity con nursing wear again. So much for being prudent with money, haha.

Redirection Problems

I have vowed to bond extra with Yakee for our last month without Yamee. I have even written it on our white board so I'd be reminded every day. And honest to God, I am really trying.

However, he is really trying my patience all the time, no matter how nicely I ask or explain or say. And I really don't have any patience, what with dealing with all the discomforts of the last stages of pregnancy and birthday blues. Not to mention, my apprehensions for my coming delivery and this new addition.

I guess, we are both stressed.

It just sucks that I've lost my temper every day with my son. And the solution is actually a simple concept: redirection. I fail to offer something else for him to do, which he'd like or be occupied with. I fail to distract him with something else. And kids only really want attention when they misbehave or refuse to listen but when I just say "NO" or "STOP" then they still don't get the attention they want.

God help me, I want our last month together to be as nice as possible because it would really break my heart if he'd feel I abandoned him when Yamee arrives and occupies all my time and energy.


This morning he kept singing "Happy birthday Mommy" to me while holding my hand. And he's taken to calling me Mommy Princess or Princess Mommy. He's the prince, of course.


added in the afternoon:

This could very well be one, if not the, worst Mommy moment of my life yet. My hands are stinging from all the spanking I did, even if I didn't really spank my son from one to sawa. Sigh. I like to blame the terrible threes and pregnancy hormones for days like this when I struggle so, but generally I feel and believe that I'm just not cut out to be a Mom.

Really, really, really bad day. I think I am just reinforcing all the negative behavior that so pisses me off.

Balancing Parenting and the Pursuit of Online Degrees

The gift of parenting comes in all shapes and sizes wrapped with all widths of ribbon. There are more books written about the art of parenting than anything else. And yet, there is no magic formula that answers all the questions parents have when they start their families. Luckily, pursuing a college education while parenting does not necessarily require some exotic skill set.

Are you a mom trying to balance family, husband, and the desire to get an education? It's not easy but neither is changing a poopy diaper at 2 AM. And the fact of the matter is, it is never easy to work your way through university level classes. Great online degrees are attainable for the mom or the dad who never made it through college before life happened. Online college classes are much more flexible than standard higher education institutions where you are required to be in class for face time with the professor. So mom, you have your answer, yes, you can be a mom and fulfill your desire for a college education.

In the evening when your children need help with their homework, you can have your books open as well. It might even help to get them inspired to get their homework done before you do. There are all kinds of ways to parent effectively so go ahead and whip out the books as you’re studying your way through college.

Online colleges are generally chosen by the degree that you want to receive. So for example, if you want to get a degree in the nursing field, you would start your search with “nursing degree online.” University of Phoenix came up as offering a degreed program to get either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in nursing.

There are many options of colleges offering online degrees so you can find the perfect school for you.

Help Your Child Swim Safely

If you check online for swimming safety tips, most articles start with scary statistics that will tell you how children drown easily in under two feet of water, and how many children drown in a day and how many get treated in the ER everyday. Whether it is one child or hundred children who die every day due to drowning, numbers don’t matter. What matters is that every parent should know how to keep children safe in water and also let them enjoy their experience.

Many think that if a child knows how to swim she will be safe. Hardly! It is always better to let children swim or play in water under adult supervision. It's also better to remove children from the water before attending to distractions like phone calls or opening the door for someone. Lifejackets and floaters, although important, can never substitute for your presence. If children do not know how to swim, it is better not to let them enter the water. Teach them at least basic floating techniques before letting them enter the pool.

If you have a pool in your backyard, it is a good idea to build a fence around it. In fact, in most places, it is a requirement to build a fence according to measurements set by your local municipality. Install a kid-safety gate, which can be opened only by adults, with clear signs of “pool closed” when not in use. If you have pool covers, close them fully when you don’t want to use the pool and open the covers fully when using the pool. Even though a photo of a pool cover may boast of an elephant standing on it, discourage your children from playing on the pool cover. Safety pool supplies like floaters and life saving equipment should be kept handy near the pool, and all parents will benefit by knowing CPR.

What You Can do When Money is Tight

If you're facing a financial hardship and money is tight, a short-term loan may be a possibility for you. Many people live from paycheck to paycheck, and if the furnace breaks or the cat gets sick before payday, they may be in a bind. Whether you just need a few extra dollars or a few hundred, a payday loan can be an option to get you to that next paycheck. With this type of loan, you pay it back on your next payday. There are no fees or charges until then.

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Intentions of Parenting

As you all know, I am a mother by intention. I have had to work to become a mom, and I value every day more than I ever dreamed possible because of my choice. I wouldn't give up what my life has become for anything. But just becoming a parent is nowhere near the end of intentions in life. As a matter of fact, intentional living is the kind of thing you have to do all of the time. Every choice opens up a new road to travel down. And the road is more like a stream that will carry you in a slow meander.

If you want to move quickly, you will have to take positive steps toward where you want to be. I'm not trying to wax poetic or anything, just saying how I feel. I want to have a safe, happy, healthy life where I watch my son grow to be a good man. I may have other children one day, depending on what I feel is right. But for now, this is a pretty good all-encompassing goal to live constructively working toward. I really can't see myself doing anything more noble than being the best I can be, and showing my son the best that life has to offer, and how to do right in the world.

This is why I make the choice to get great home and car insurance. This is why I make sure to keep him away from any sort of harm I can protect him from. This is why I fully intend to show him everything I can, and teach him everything I had to learn through the harsh teacher of experience. I chose to be a mother because I believe that I have a lot to give to my child. And as he gets older and can understand things, I will give even more.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Liking the Names

I don't much care about OctoMom really but having found out the names of her kids was fun. I like Arabic, Hebrew, Biblical, Greek sounding names and her kids are named thus:

i don't care much for OctoMom but I like her kids' names... am into Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Biblical names nga kasi eh :D

Elijah Makai Solomon
Amerah Yasmeen
Joshua Jacob
Calyssa Arielle
Caleb Kai

The Octuplets:
Noah Angel
Jonah Angel
Jeremiah Angel
Josiah Angel
Isaiah Angel
MaLiah Angel
Makai Angel
NaRiah Angel

Well, okay, she must really like the name MAKAI (Hebrew for Michael, "He who resembles God") for having used it twice, aside from also using Kai as a second name for Caleb. Then again, I also like Kai.

And now, am attempting to pretend I am her and coming up with 14 names, hehe.


No More Nausea Please!!!

I don't know if it was being out in the sun, or too much walking during the day, or going from cold to hot to cold all day, or eating ice cream on an empty stomach, or moving with such vigor that did it. I just really felt nauseous, I had to lie down.

Good thing Yakee seemed to really understand that I couldn't tend to him anymore. He accepted my apologies, gladly allowed his father to read to him instead and tuck him to bed, and even told me "It's OK Mommy" while caressing my feet before he settled down to sleep.

I still feel off though and I am really worried that my unborn has taken it upon himself to do some more growing that will include nausea again. And I think I really have to ask for a different vitamin prescription because Yamee seems to be liking Clusivol OB more and more. I thought he only disliked the iron supplement but now... sigh.

No more nausea please Yamee... Mommy is hoping to really squeeze in some social life before I give birth to you. Don't begrudge Mommy that!

Gift Wishlist

Hubs was asking me what I thought our son needed. He offered to buy him new shoes (but he's already got two new pairs on top of the one he's using, and my sister is buying him another pair) and I kidded him that our son will be equally happy with a battery-operated fan. Hehe.

Then he asked me what I want for a birthday gift since it is already a week from now. I really couldn't think of anything I desire. I did tell him though that I want something for Christmas: custom tshirts and matching outfits for us all for Midnight Mass. Hubs was supportive with the idea and even said he already knows where we could probably get the shirts personalized because he saw a shop at SM Manila. All we need to do is Photoshop the design we want and they would spray paint or print them on the shirts. This shop even does inspirational posters and other really cool and kooky personalizations.

I did tell hubby that this could be hormones talking. But I am really obsessed with matching outfits for my boys (him included). I want people looking twice and complimenting them and I have even checked out designs at for inspiration. But of course, I really don't want to be splurging so much on those matching outfits.

In fact, I would be happy if we can just find similar-looking tops. Hubs and Yakee can wear red polo shirts and I'd find a red romper for Yamee. Then maybe, they'd have an infinitude in Bordeaux again. I bet we would already look awesome that way. And the family picture is sure to be great :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Probiotics and Pregnancy

It was my interest in allergies that led me to the knowledge of how probiotics, taken by a pregnant woman two weeks before giving birth and six months onward while exclusively breastfeeding, reduces allergy risks in her baby. I included this information in my POCT article: A Trip to the Allergologist.

This prompted me to discuss the study with both our pedia and my OB, both of which confirmed the study and encouraged me to try it. My firstborn isn't highly allergic (yet) but since my husband's family has a history of skin asthma and asthma, and I have drug allergies, I really pounced on this information and fully intend to do it for this pregnancy.

I also started my son on daily probiotics (Bio Bita) for his immune system and general health (plus, he's had several antibitiotic regimens without me giving him probiotics during those times).

When I consulted my OB what I should take (an allergist in Gtalk recommends, based on her experience, the following: Protexin restore, Kyo-dophilus and Mega - acidophilus of GNC... though the more important thing is to take the same strain of good bacteria instead of different ones), we agreed on Acidophilus (which is offered by many manufacturers and testimonials I've read have been generally positive). She then mentioned a growing belief, though not yet fully established and studied, that probiotics during pregnancy may help prevent premature labor by preventing common infections like bacterial vaginosis (or yeast infection, a pretty common thing during pregnancy).

And now I find that probiotics may also help prevent gestational diabetes (read my POC article: Pregnant and Diabetic).

The really great thing about this is, there are no known negative side effects to taking probitics at all. It will not harm the pregnant mother nor the baby. I highly encourage all other preggos then to discuss this with their doctors and do their own research.

Shirts That Rock

I recently found that there's a company making really cool onesies and shirts similar to blac label clothing. Their designs are a mixture of tie-dye, rock chic, sketch and paint splatters that would look really adorable as matching shirts for my two boys.

Unfortunately, they currently don't have the design I want (skeleton near the collar) for the sizes I need them for. Plus, they're really on the expensive side and am still weighing if the compliments will be worth it for a P700/pc onesie. Plus, my Yamee is sure to outgrow his fast. I don't mind spending more on Yakee's clothes now because he at least gets to wear them for a longer time now compared to when he was really just a baby.

Anyway, check out and be floored by the cuteness of it all!

Friday, September 24, 2010

On Formula Recalls

Just recently, I posted about how two of Mead Johnson's products were recalled for not having the standard level of fat content. And now there's the recall of certain Abbott powdered infant formulas.

In both cases, the term "harmless" was used. And I guess, if we have to be technical about things, it is true. Infant formulas usually have a "consume within so many days after opening" rule printed on their boxes and cans but only the aware or can-afford strictly follow that rule. Do you honestly think the poorer people extending their formulas follow that? And not doing so is still pretty harmless. Just like eating dog food is, or consuming some products past their expiration dates. Or eating things that have fallen on the floor (kids actually love this!). Or ants in your food.

The list can go on and on and on.

But the point is, it's still simply wrong for products you pay good money for to not meet certain standards set for them. And though I understand that these companies just want to reassure the public, I also can't help but find it in poor taste for them to be throwing the 'harmless' bit when the real issue is, their production was compromised and their products tainted.

You'd be grossed out and offended and threatened when you order fried chicken at a restaurant and have it placed on your plate by the waiter, using his hands. He can invoke "I washed my hands properly with antibacterial soap and sung Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star twice" but still you'd find it inexcusable. And you'd probably punch the restaurant owner if he points out to you that "it's harmless, what the waiter did."

A Look at the Different Types of Jeans Available

Due to their comfort, style and durability, jeans have been a popular choice of clothing across the world for decades. However, there are so many options now when it comes to choosing jeans that it can sometimes be difficult to select a pair for yourself or anyone else in the family. Many brands have a range of fabrics and designs for you to choose from, although one of the most recognized is True Religion.

Depending on who the jeans are intended for, there are a variety of styles that you can pick from. Skinny jeans are popular in the music scene, particularly with indie bands and the emo scene. Of course, there are also a number of options open to you if you prefer your jeans with a bit of a looser fit. Jeans are usually dark blue, although you can get them in a variety of colors such as stone washed or even red and green.

Traditionally, when people think of jeans they think of trousers. However, the denim fabric is very versatile and can be used to make a number of different outfits and items of clothing. Denim jackets are very popular, particularly with people who work outside and need their clothes to be fairly durable. World renowned brands like True Religion have also branched out in recent years and you can even buy products such as fragrances and shoes from them.

Depending on the fabrics used and the overall quality of the construction, jeans can come in a wide range of prices. This is good news whether you're a premium customer looking for nothing but the best stitching and design, or somebody who has less money and just wants the comfort and durability of jeans without paying a lot for them. Jeans are made now for all members of the family, including children, so everybody can enjoy them.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why African Babies Don't Cry

Maybe it's really the compromise: because we have so many options, we start looking at what's natural as also an option.

This blog post on Why African Babies Don't Cry is both illuminating and yet, not surprising. Wouldn't it be somehow liberating if the only time your baby cries is because there really is something wrong, and you know you'd have to do something major already? That, as opposed to racking your brain and fretting every 2 hours about what your baby might need, want or feel.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2 Mead Johnson Product Recalls

My friend Jenny has already posted lengthily on the news. Sustagen Junior Milk Drink Powder Vanilla Flavor (for toddlers 1-3 years old) and Alactagrow Bibo Trio Milk Supplement have been found to have less fat content than the standards set for them by the FDA.

Some might actually say wonder if it isn't good news but it could just as easily mean, either more sugar or more of the other components which again translate to non-compliance of set standards. It's called FORMULA for a reason: its composition has to be just right, and it has to be prepared just right, otherwise it could be harmful to your kids.

When you also consider the fact that often snubbed milk like Bear Brand is meeting the FAD requirements, then it really does seem silly to be buying the more expensive milk. Children 1 year and above do not need formula and can also get their calcium requirements from other dairy products, since they should be into solids by then. And fresh milk is actually a healthier, better option than powdered milk. And formula milk fail to facilitate healthy eating habits in children, after all, adults think that just as long as a child is drinking milk, he'd be okay.

Meanwhile, we have more allergy-ridden kids and childhood obesity to deal with. And the average formula expense per month is between P3,000-6,000 when you can just spend P1,000-2,000 on really fresh cow's milk like Rizal or Holly's. You may even spend less (or more) if you spend the amount on fruits and veggies.

Night Out

Wore the tank top from my Bento set to the Blue Water Day Spa Bloggers Event tonight (well, several hours earlier) and it was soooo comfy I wanted to sleep in it. Hubs followed me there and we had a great time. I even won Monterey gift certificates (I think hubby touching my tummy brought good luck).

I told hubs that I have been thinking about it already. I started leaving Yakee for long stretches (like half a day or the whole day) when he was already over a year old. But I might not be able to wait that long with our Yamee, otherwise, i'd really have to forego a lot of blogger events and it'd be unwise not to take advantage of the opportunities those present.

And that's how I am justifying all the new things I want to buy (clothes and accessories). I mean, I have to look nice, right? I may even have to consider safe acne treatments for breastfeeding moms.

But be rest assured my darling Yamee, Mommy will not leave you without milk. And Mommy might wait till you've started on solids at least.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Knights and Castles after Dinosaurs and Trucks

In fairness to my son, his interests seem to really be boyish stuff (despite loving Angelina Ballerina). And thankfully enough, Knights and Castles are something I was interested in so I didn't have to learn so much like I did with dinosaurs and trucks.

I loved knights, read all about Arthur's Knights of the Round Table and Camelot during my high school years. I have even fantasized myself as Sir Tristram's lady love (not that he was a faithful knight) just because he was my favorite of all. So right now, we're having a grand time and it tickles me pink teaching him about catapults and jousting and portcullis and moats. I do wonder though what movie I can let him watch so he'd have better appreciation of knights and castle life.

The slight downside to this is the fact that his interests are changing as he grows and I really wonder whether I can keep up with him. What if someday he asks me about things I really have no idea of, like creatine monohydrate powder and rocket science?

Oh, he's showing interests on planets and outer space too, which was another one of my fave reads before. I guess, for kids his age, it helps to have parents who were geeks.

And when I asked him who his lady love is... he said, "Mommy, you are my lady love. I love you so much, Mommy."


I really think i'd cry the day he tells me he has a crush on someone already.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mommy's Little Faithful

Cousin was showing Yakee pics of her friend's wedding. When he saw the wedding rings, he pointed to where we usually put ours and mentioned it.

I asked him if he wanted to get married someday and he said yes. Cousin asked him if he wants to marry the pretty girl. He said yes then he said, "That pretty girl." while pointing at me.

Sigh. He's only turning 3. How many more years till I stop being the great love of his life?

Jamie Oliver Finally Has a Son

Jamie Oliver has not made it secret that he wanted a boy, despite being happy with every daughter they have produced. He's even said he once wore a frozen diaper just to conceive a boy. Well anyway, he's been fianlly blessed with one. And their fourth child's name is Buddy Bear Maurice. Kinda funny, quirky name right?


Sunday, September 19, 2010

OctoMom Going on Welfare?

Nadya Suleman, better known as OctoMom, just may be going on welfare since all her projects haven't materialized and she now has no steady income to support all 14 of her kids.

The diapers alone for the 8 youngest ones is probably brutal, what more the cost of necessary nannies/caregivers. I don't know where she's based but I hope she's got health plans like the health insurance in nc for her kids because they're at an age prone to colds and ear infections aside from toddler accidents.

Fortunately for her, the US has a great welfare system, something my friends abroad say is even very to exploit and abuse. I'm just not sure though if the current US economy will affect their welfare system.

For the kids' sake, I hope she lands a good deal soon. Or at least, have a talk with the Duggars on how to provide for an army without going into debt.

Mom Intentional

I registered at the sitw with that name, and won an Off Lotion loot bag. And I have been toying with the idea of creating a new Mom blog, one just really invested on tips on newborn care, obstetric care and activities with your child. I'm thinking I would finally go Wordpress and avail of a web hosting service aside from the domain name. You know, it'd be more informational and objective, and less about my fears and my personal journey as a mom.

I am not sure though if I can still manage yet another blog, what with a baby coming in November. I still have a time management issue I haven't resolved, but maybe the second child will facilitate that?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Frustrated Mommy

I was soooo sleepy when I woke up to my unborn's clamor for food at 3 AM and then was unable to sleep.

Then I had to eat again at 5 AM.

And in between, had to pee several times (maybe every 30 minutes?).

Then I had to eat again at 7 AM. And when I finally managed to doze off, my father started texting and miscalling me, so I would reply.

And whenever I would feel comfy enough, I would either have to pee, or my son would be crowding me in bed, so I'd end up awake again.

I gave in and went online at around 9 AM... only to be bothered by fumigation smoke in our street. I hied myself off to the CR to bathe and go out, because I wasn't sure of the effect of the smoke on me and the baby.

I went to Rob Manila and ate at Jollibee. Got there around 11 AM.

I went to MOA after and decided to shop... but the SM Baby Company sale was just so good and people were lined up with big ticket items, when I only wanted some onesies and mittens and hangers. I returned my basket with the three items in it and went to SMX already. I ate an adobo wheat bun at the Nescafe kiosk and tried to enjoy their really weak hot choco. This was at past 12 noon.

At past 1 PM, I entered the Manila Book Fair and started browsing, feeling lost in the aisles and already really feeling sleepy. My friend arrived with her students at 2 PM so I had someone to talk with for 1.5 hours. Then we separated and I went to SM Manila because I was coming home almost empty-handed.

I super shopped at SM Manila. I think I bought six pairs of socks, a set of booties and mittens, six onesies, two flannel blankets and one hooded blanket. I also bought Yakee two new shirts. I charged P2,200 on our card.

Finally, I felt I could go home because I was already productive.

Talk about exhausting.

Maternity Con Nursing Wear

I got most of my maternity clothes from my cousin-in-law, who I loaned it to when she got pregnant two years ago. And I actually didn't need so much of them since I wasn't working anymore. But in the times when I do have to go out, I found myself not wanting to wear them except the breezy green dress I wore to the hospital the first time I gave birth.

And for the longest time, I was telling my hubby I wanted to buy new maternity clothes but wouldn't really buy any. But he convinced me that I should when we're at a baby fair already, because I stress him too when I complain about not having anything to wear.

So I gave in and just decided that i'd buy nursing tops instead that I could also use as maternity tops. No sense really to just buy stuff i'm going to use for a few months. This way too, I didn't need diet pills or something for the clothes to look nice because they're stretchy and clingy and will actually conform, and flatter, my post-partum body. Plus, i'd be able to nurse in public in really fab clothes.

So now, I have some six maternity con nursing wear and I am so happy. Plus, the ones I have worn have elicited compliments. Right track, yes? :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preparing Yamee's Layette

Technically, I just really need more mittens and socks/booties and some newborn onesies. Well, i'd also like an extra towel and swaddling blanket but generally, I am all set for my second-born Yamee.

Oh, per my friend's advice, I may have to buy some newborn pyjamas too, just to keep the mosquitoes away. I also already have a darling knitted sweater for him, a gift to his older brother that was too small so Yakee never got to use it.

Considering the heat now though, I can't help but wonder if my boys would actually need sweaters around the Holidays. Yakee has lots of them though, all gifts from his second Christmas (yes, they all still fit).

Oh, I need to buy some gauze pads for Yamee too, for cleaning his mouth and bathing him. I just don't know when I'd be industrious enough to actually wash the clothes and iron them, just like I did for Yakee.

Starting to Bloom

Despite the weird sleeping hours or actual lack of sleep, my face isn't breaking out. And though I was more glowing in my first pregnancy, I am starting to bloom now. Maybe it's the revamped wardrobe or the general better feeling (read: no nausea for 90% of the time) but I am so glad I don't need any acne serum at all.

In fact, my hands are also okay, none of that erthritic feeling from my first pregnancy. And I also don't have edema still, my gums aren't bleeding, my teeth aren't aching and my back hasn't given out yet. So I can generally afford to smile and even wear heels!

I am blooming again! I have some two more months of blessed good looks till all the hormones come crashing down on me again. Hehe.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

180 Lbs.

Just like with my first pregnancy... I really didn't gain weight in my first six months. And then I gained 5 pounds before I reached 7 months. Now, am 180 lbs.


I started out at 160. Overweighterweight, I know.

So, if am going to be as lucky as I was with my first pregnancy and lose 40 lbs from breastfeeding and all the late nights and stress... i'd still be overweight at 140 lbs. And that's assumming I wouldn't gain any more weight.

Unfortunately, it seems all the cravings and food i've been shovelling down my throat is finally showing. And my bump seems to have grown overnight. Suddenly, I feel stretched.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gastro Scare

I woke up with a tummy ache this morning and spent some 30 minutes in the loo. At first, it just felt like I had some trapped gas inside me then later on I felt like I was going to have LBM already.

I was super scared because I was really in pain and didn't know what to do. I wondered for a long time if I needed to wake hubby up already to bring me to the hospital, which I didn't want because it would be an unwelcome expense. I was worried about another gastro case like the one I had with my first pregnancy, where I actually ended up in the ER and later got confined for 3 days.

Plus, I knew Pappie was super heavy with workload so being hospitalized would be a major inconvenience... and then i'd remind myself that it's not like I wanted to be sick. Talk about going crazy and being racked with so many concerns while also trying to pass gas/poop.

I am a lot better now though... tummy's weird still however.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Disciplining Difficulties

The problem with reverse psychology is that NO doesn't stop your child... for this particular day, I failed to stop him from drinking his bath water. And I went ballistic without meaning to.

Was telling hubs last night that peers with three-year olds are also all lamenting about how much more trying things are... terrible 2's are really nothing.

Heaven knows I try my best to talk to him, bond with him, explain to him. Heaven knows I try as much as possible to give him choices. But gawsh, gawsh, gawsh, I am really at my wits' end.

Can I still invoke pregnancy for the lack of patience?


I need grace and wisdom right now to steer my son in the right path... and make the most of the remaining time we have left before his brother takes up so much of my time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Sad Story

One of hubs' colleagues recently lost her mother. I've hung out with the girl several times and knew how awful it was for them to watch her mother die slowly from all my hubby's stories.

Anyway, what I only just found out was that the girl's sister lost her baby weeks after they lost their mother. Chances are, the stress of watching their mother waste away didn't help. really, really felt bad for them and wonder if I should send personalized note cards to them to extend my sympathies.

It's really heartbreaking to have one great loss after another. So i'm really praying for that mother.

Hubs told me this when I wondered aloud why I couldn't feel Yamee as much as I did Yakee around the same time. It frustrates me so not to have hubby able to feel him kicking and all yet... not that am not getting hurt already by Yamee's turning and stretching. It's just that Yakee was more active and I wondered if Yamee's really small for his age inside, 'coz I was polyhydramnios with Yakee but felt his every move... his every hiccup.

Payday Loans: The Best Way to Solve Your Immediate Financial Needs!

If you have a pressing and stressing immediate financial need, then payday loans can be your solution. The advantage of such facilities is that they will be easily obtained so long as you have a monthly salary and a bank account. The money lenders will give you the amount you want within a few days and you will pay after receiving your salary. The fees that they charge are not so high if you choose a good financial institution. You get an immediate solution to your problem and the emotional stress will be no more.

The good thing about payday loans is that money lenders will give you the money irrespective of your economic situation, provided you have a reasonable monthly salary that will enable them recover their funds. Both the low and high income earners can be helped by such credit facilities. They are not only simple to get but also quick. You should bear in mind that these facilities are not meant to be your long lasting solutions to all your financial needs but to help you for a short time.

Despite the controversies about payday loans from the public and legislators, they have remained the immediate solution to the financial needs of the customers. Can you imagine if you lose your close relative? Can you imagine if you had an accident and your salary is not yet paid? What would you do? At times even your friends fail to help you because they are in the same boat! So what remains the immediate solution is to go to a money lending institution for a cash advance. Yes the interest may be high at times but it is still better than not having anything to bail you out of your financial bondage. Take care and look for licensed organizations.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Overspending on Clothes

My boncho finally arrived yesterday! It took the courier three days before having the presence of mind to call me and ask for directions to my house. Granted, our gate didn't have a number anymore but since our neighbors' did, I think he could have deduced where I lived easily.


And I have placed an order for the Infinitude and Bento Box from Eden Maternity. That sets me back another P7k+. I am just telling myself that I haven't really overhauled my wardrobe for a long time and all these purchases take care of what i'd wear to gatherings, even Yamee's baptism.

But I should remember we're still saving for my delivery...


Now am off to compute how much we need for the baking we'd be doing next week.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Raining Free Seminars!!!

At first, we were only going to the talk because there were financial and marriage topics. Plus, it's the only chance I have of ever seeing the inside of St. Luke's Global City, possibly the most high-end hospital in the country right now. A normal delivery there will set you back around P150k!!!

And then I found out that LATCH is having its Best Beginnings in Breastfeeding talk (done every other month) on September 11 too. Since I have never volunteered for one yet, I thought to make it an advocacy day and hubs said he wants to tag along (jokingly, so as to make sure I won't breastfeed any other baby).

And then, we were already planning to go to the Manila Interntional Book Fair 2010 as Adarna launches 5 storybooks. There'd be cosplay and loot bags too. This is on September 18. And then I receive a text from Mommy Academy: they are throwing a birthday bash for kids turning three!!! So, of course I registered already without telling hubby just yet. If ever, it's another jampacked day for us!!! And I am tempted to ask my friend from Adarna to reserve my son loot bags, haha.


But really, I love free parenting seminars and the freebies I get there. I even adore the pamphlets. Of course, am sure my hubby wishes we'd go to techie or car shows instead where he can bond with other guys over Ferrari parts and iPads but well, he'd have to find those for himself.


Got my first boncho ever!!! I love it!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Essential Newborn Care Protocol

This is why I am insisting on giving birth at Asian Hospital. This has been documented as having succesfully reduced infections like sepsis and increased breastfeeding success.

And breastfeeding saves lives.