Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Disciplining Difficulties

The problem with reverse psychology is that NO doesn't stop your child... for this particular day, I failed to stop him from drinking his bath water. And I went ballistic without meaning to.

Was telling hubs last night that peers with three-year olds are also all lamenting about how much more trying things are... terrible 2's are really nothing.

Heaven knows I try my best to talk to him, bond with him, explain to him. Heaven knows I try as much as possible to give him choices. But gawsh, gawsh, gawsh, I am really at my wits' end.

Can I still invoke pregnancy for the lack of patience?


I need grace and wisdom right now to steer my son in the right path... and make the most of the remaining time we have left before his brother takes up so much of my time.

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