Friday, September 17, 2010

Frustrated Mommy

I was soooo sleepy when I woke up to my unborn's clamor for food at 3 AM and then was unable to sleep.

Then I had to eat again at 5 AM.

And in between, had to pee several times (maybe every 30 minutes?).

Then I had to eat again at 7 AM. And when I finally managed to doze off, my father started texting and miscalling me, so I would reply.

And whenever I would feel comfy enough, I would either have to pee, or my son would be crowding me in bed, so I'd end up awake again.

I gave in and went online at around 9 AM... only to be bothered by fumigation smoke in our street. I hied myself off to the CR to bathe and go out, because I wasn't sure of the effect of the smoke on me and the baby.

I went to Rob Manila and ate at Jollibee. Got there around 11 AM.

I went to MOA after and decided to shop... but the SM Baby Company sale was just so good and people were lined up with big ticket items, when I only wanted some onesies and mittens and hangers. I returned my basket with the three items in it and went to SMX already. I ate an adobo wheat bun at the Nescafe kiosk and tried to enjoy their really weak hot choco. This was at past 12 noon.

At past 1 PM, I entered the Manila Book Fair and started browsing, feeling lost in the aisles and already really feeling sleepy. My friend arrived with her students at 2 PM so I had someone to talk with for 1.5 hours. Then we separated and I went to SM Manila because I was coming home almost empty-handed.

I super shopped at SM Manila. I think I bought six pairs of socks, a set of booties and mittens, six onesies, two flannel blankets and one hooded blanket. I also bought Yakee two new shirts. I charged P2,200 on our card.

Finally, I felt I could go home because I was already productive.

Talk about exhausting.

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