Monday, September 27, 2010

Gift Wishlist

Hubs was asking me what I thought our son needed. He offered to buy him new shoes (but he's already got two new pairs on top of the one he's using, and my sister is buying him another pair) and I kidded him that our son will be equally happy with a battery-operated fan. Hehe.

Then he asked me what I want for a birthday gift since it is already a week from now. I really couldn't think of anything I desire. I did tell him though that I want something for Christmas: custom tshirts and matching outfits for us all for Midnight Mass. Hubs was supportive with the idea and even said he already knows where we could probably get the shirts personalized because he saw a shop at SM Manila. All we need to do is Photoshop the design we want and they would spray paint or print them on the shirts. This shop even does inspirational posters and other really cool and kooky personalizations.

I did tell hubby that this could be hormones talking. But I am really obsessed with matching outfits for my boys (him included). I want people looking twice and complimenting them and I have even checked out designs at for inspiration. But of course, I really don't want to be splurging so much on those matching outfits.

In fact, I would be happy if we can just find similar-looking tops. Hubs and Yakee can wear red polo shirts and I'd find a red romper for Yamee. Then maybe, they'd have an infinitude in Bordeaux again. I bet we would already look awesome that way. And the family picture is sure to be great :)

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