Thursday, September 30, 2010

Intentions of Parenting

As you all know, I am a mother by intention. I have had to work to become a mom, and I value every day more than I ever dreamed possible because of my choice. I wouldn't give up what my life has become for anything. But just becoming a parent is nowhere near the end of intentions in life. As a matter of fact, intentional living is the kind of thing you have to do all of the time. Every choice opens up a new road to travel down. And the road is more like a stream that will carry you in a slow meander.

If you want to move quickly, you will have to take positive steps toward where you want to be. I'm not trying to wax poetic or anything, just saying how I feel. I want to have a safe, happy, healthy life where I watch my son grow to be a good man. I may have other children one day, depending on what I feel is right. But for now, this is a pretty good all-encompassing goal to live constructively working toward. I really can't see myself doing anything more noble than being the best I can be, and showing my son the best that life has to offer, and how to do right in the world.

This is why I make the choice to get great home and car insurance. This is why I make sure to keep him away from any sort of harm I can protect him from. This is why I fully intend to show him everything I can, and teach him everything I had to learn through the harsh teacher of experience. I chose to be a mother because I believe that I have a lot to give to my child. And as he gets older and can understand things, I will give even more.

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