Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Raining Free Seminars!!!

At first, we were only going to the talk because there were financial and marriage topics. Plus, it's the only chance I have of ever seeing the inside of St. Luke's Global City, possibly the most high-end hospital in the country right now. A normal delivery there will set you back around P150k!!!

And then I found out that LATCH is having its Best Beginnings in Breastfeeding talk (done every other month) on September 11 too. Since I have never volunteered for one yet, I thought to make it an advocacy day and hubs said he wants to tag along (jokingly, so as to make sure I won't breastfeed any other baby).

And then, we were already planning to go to the Manila Interntional Book Fair 2010 as Adarna launches 5 storybooks. There'd be cosplay and loot bags too. This is on September 18. And then I receive a text from Mommy Academy: they are throwing a birthday bash for kids turning three!!! So, of course I registered already without telling hubby just yet. If ever, it's another jampacked day for us!!! And I am tempted to ask my friend from Adarna to reserve my son loot bags, haha.


But really, I love free parenting seminars and the freebies I get there. I even adore the pamphlets. Of course, am sure my hubby wishes we'd go to techie or car shows instead where he can bond with other guys over Ferrari parts and iPads but well, he'd have to find those for himself.


Got my first boncho ever!!! I love it!!!

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Jenny said...

mec, there's another kiddie fair at SMX mall of asia on september 17-18. have yet to update my events list!