Monday, September 27, 2010

Liking the Names

I don't much care about OctoMom really but having found out the names of her kids was fun. I like Arabic, Hebrew, Biblical, Greek sounding names and her kids are named thus:

i don't care much for OctoMom but I like her kids' names... am into Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Biblical names nga kasi eh :D

Elijah Makai Solomon
Amerah Yasmeen
Joshua Jacob
Calyssa Arielle
Caleb Kai

The Octuplets:
Noah Angel
Jonah Angel
Jeremiah Angel
Josiah Angel
Isaiah Angel
MaLiah Angel
Makai Angel
NaRiah Angel

Well, okay, she must really like the name MAKAI (Hebrew for Michael, "He who resembles God") for having used it twice, aside from also using Kai as a second name for Caleb. Then again, I also like Kai.

And now, am attempting to pretend I am her and coming up with 14 names, hehe.


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