Friday, September 17, 2010

Maternity Con Nursing Wear

I got most of my maternity clothes from my cousin-in-law, who I loaned it to when she got pregnant two years ago. And I actually didn't need so much of them since I wasn't working anymore. But in the times when I do have to go out, I found myself not wanting to wear them except the breezy green dress I wore to the hospital the first time I gave birth.

And for the longest time, I was telling my hubby I wanted to buy new maternity clothes but wouldn't really buy any. But he convinced me that I should when we're at a baby fair already, because I stress him too when I complain about not having anything to wear.

So I gave in and just decided that i'd buy nursing tops instead that I could also use as maternity tops. No sense really to just buy stuff i'm going to use for a few months. This way too, I didn't need diet pills or something for the clothes to look nice because they're stretchy and clingy and will actually conform, and flatter, my post-partum body. Plus, i'd be able to nurse in public in really fab clothes.

So now, I have some six maternity con nursing wear and I am so happy. Plus, the ones I have worn have elicited compliments. Right track, yes? :)

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