Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Night Out

Wore the tank top from my Bento set to the Blue Water Day Spa Bloggers Event tonight (well, several hours earlier) and it was soooo comfy I wanted to sleep in it. Hubs followed me there and we had a great time. I even won Monterey gift certificates (I think hubby touching my tummy brought good luck).

I told hubs that I have been thinking about it already. I started leaving Yakee for long stretches (like half a day or the whole day) when he was already over a year old. But I might not be able to wait that long with our Yamee, otherwise, i'd really have to forego a lot of blogger events and it'd be unwise not to take advantage of the opportunities those present.

And that's how I am justifying all the new things I want to buy (clothes and accessories). I mean, I have to look nice, right? I may even have to consider safe acne treatments for breastfeeding moms.

But be rest assured my darling Yamee, Mommy will not leave you without milk. And Mommy might wait till you've started on solids at least.

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