Monday, September 27, 2010

No More Nausea Please!!!

I don't know if it was being out in the sun, or too much walking during the day, or going from cold to hot to cold all day, or eating ice cream on an empty stomach, or moving with such vigor that did it. I just really felt nauseous, I had to lie down.

Good thing Yakee seemed to really understand that I couldn't tend to him anymore. He accepted my apologies, gladly allowed his father to read to him instead and tuck him to bed, and even told me "It's OK Mommy" while caressing my feet before he settled down to sleep.

I still feel off though and I am really worried that my unborn has taken it upon himself to do some more growing that will include nausea again. And I think I really have to ask for a different vitamin prescription because Yamee seems to be liking Clusivol OB more and more. I thought he only disliked the iron supplement but now... sigh.

No more nausea please Yamee... Mommy is hoping to really squeeze in some social life before I give birth to you. Don't begrudge Mommy that!

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