Sunday, September 19, 2010

OctoMom Going on Welfare?

Nadya Suleman, better known as OctoMom, just may be going on welfare since all her projects haven't materialized and she now has no steady income to support all 14 of her kids.

The diapers alone for the 8 youngest ones is probably brutal, what more the cost of necessary nannies/caregivers. I don't know where she's based but I hope she's got health plans like the health insurance in nc for her kids because they're at an age prone to colds and ear infections aside from toddler accidents.

Fortunately for her, the US has a great welfare system, something my friends abroad say is even very to exploit and abuse. I'm just not sure though if the current US economy will affect their welfare system.

For the kids' sake, I hope she lands a good deal soon. Or at least, have a talk with the Duggars on how to provide for an army without going into debt.

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