Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preparing Yamee's Layette

Technically, I just really need more mittens and socks/booties and some newborn onesies. Well, i'd also like an extra towel and swaddling blanket but generally, I am all set for my second-born Yamee.

Oh, per my friend's advice, I may have to buy some newborn pyjamas too, just to keep the mosquitoes away. I also already have a darling knitted sweater for him, a gift to his older brother that was too small so Yakee never got to use it.

Considering the heat now though, I can't help but wonder if my boys would actually need sweaters around the Holidays. Yakee has lots of them though, all gifts from his second Christmas (yes, they all still fit).

Oh, I need to buy some gauze pads for Yamee too, for cleaning his mouth and bathing him. I just don't know when I'd be industrious enough to actually wash the clothes and iron them, just like I did for Yakee.


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