Saturday, September 25, 2010

Probiotics and Pregnancy

It was my interest in allergies that led me to the knowledge of how probiotics, taken by a pregnant woman two weeks before giving birth and six months onward while exclusively breastfeeding, reduces allergy risks in her baby. I included this information in my POCT article: A Trip to the Allergologist.

This prompted me to discuss the study with both our pedia and my OB, both of which confirmed the study and encouraged me to try it. My firstborn isn't highly allergic (yet) but since my husband's family has a history of skin asthma and asthma, and I have drug allergies, I really pounced on this information and fully intend to do it for this pregnancy.

I also started my son on daily probiotics (Bio Bita) for his immune system and general health (plus, he's had several antibitiotic regimens without me giving him probiotics during those times).

When I consulted my OB what I should take (an allergist in Gtalk recommends, based on her experience, the following: Protexin restore, Kyo-dophilus and Mega - acidophilus of GNC... though the more important thing is to take the same strain of good bacteria instead of different ones), we agreed on Acidophilus (which is offered by many manufacturers and testimonials I've read have been generally positive). She then mentioned a growing belief, though not yet fully established and studied, that probiotics during pregnancy may help prevent premature labor by preventing common infections like bacterial vaginosis (or yeast infection, a pretty common thing during pregnancy).

And now I find that probiotics may also help prevent gestational diabetes (read my POC article: Pregnant and Diabetic).

The really great thing about this is, there are no known negative side effects to taking probitics at all. It will not harm the pregnant mother nor the baby. I highly encourage all other preggos then to discuss this with their doctors and do their own research.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Can you tell me if Bio Bita helped your son? Cause I started my daughter with Bio Bita, and it really helped her with her weight gain, and that she hasn't gotten sick since then.

Mec said...

hi... we didn't continue with Bio Bita na. Weirdly enough, it made him constipated. And he doesn't like the taste really...

My son also doesn't like Acidophikidz (Flinstone-like chewable vitamins)

I have yet to try progestin restore on him :) or yung OMX :)