Monday, September 6, 2010

A Sad Story

One of hubs' colleagues recently lost her mother. I've hung out with the girl several times and knew how awful it was for them to watch her mother die slowly from all my hubby's stories.

Anyway, what I only just found out was that the girl's sister lost her baby weeks after they lost their mother. Chances are, the stress of watching their mother waste away didn't help. really, really felt bad for them and wonder if I should send personalized note cards to them to extend my sympathies.

It's really heartbreaking to have one great loss after another. So i'm really praying for that mother.

Hubs told me this when I wondered aloud why I couldn't feel Yamee as much as I did Yakee around the same time. It frustrates me so not to have hubby able to feel him kicking and all yet... not that am not getting hurt already by Yamee's turning and stretching. It's just that Yakee was more active and I wondered if Yamee's really small for his age inside, 'coz I was polyhydramnios with Yakee but felt his every move... his every hiccup.

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