Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shirts That Rock

I recently found that there's a company making really cool onesies and shirts similar to blac label clothing. Their designs are a mixture of tie-dye, rock chic, sketch and paint splatters that would look really adorable as matching shirts for my two boys.

Unfortunately, they currently don't have the design I want (skeleton near the collar) for the sizes I need them for. Plus, they're really on the expensive side and am still weighing if the compliments will be worth it for a P700/pc onesie. Plus, my Yamee is sure to outgrow his fast. I don't mind spending more on Yakee's clothes now because he at least gets to wear them for a longer time now compared to when he was really just a baby.

Anyway, check out and be floored by the cuteness of it all!

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