Thursday, September 16, 2010

Starting to Bloom

Despite the weird sleeping hours or actual lack of sleep, my face isn't breaking out. And though I was more glowing in my first pregnancy, I am starting to bloom now. Maybe it's the revamped wardrobe or the general better feeling (read: no nausea for 90% of the time) but I am so glad I don't need any acne serum at all.

In fact, my hands are also okay, none of that erthritic feeling from my first pregnancy. And I also don't have edema still, my gums aren't bleeding, my teeth aren't aching and my back hasn't given out yet. So I can generally afford to smile and even wear heels!

I am blooming again! I have some two more months of blessed good looks till all the hormones come crashing down on me again. Hehe.

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