Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dressing Up While Pregnant

For one thing, I am not into clothes. I seldom gush over anything you put on. Dressing up usually just means showing some skin, some cleavage or some curves for me.

And looking fab while pregnant isn't something I ever aspired to do. After all, with all the waddling and widening I'd be doing, why would I stress myself with actually dressing up?

But being a SAHM and being overweight already... and then getting nauseous and preggy, that's depressing. And I wanted to have proper nursing wear this time.

Enter Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear by Bianca Araneta Elizalde. I know I have started to sound like a broken record but I can't stop raving about their sake tank top (the comfiest thing I ever wore!) and all the possibilities their Infinitude offers.

This interview about Bianca's line also echoed my sentiments:

"Women have to realize the limitations of non-maternity wear on a growing belly. And it doesn’t matter how slim they try to stay throughout their pregnancy — their bellies will grow! And it will grow big by the time they’re ready to give birth.

When you stick to non-maternity clothes, you will do what’s called trimester dressing. You will keep buying clothes a size or two bigger throughout each trimester, and that is never a good idea. It’s smarter to invest in a few good maternity pieces that will see you through the nine months. This is something I kept in mind when I designed Eden. Everything had to fit and flatter a woman’s growing body throughout pregnancy and beyond.? (Bianca)

I can't wait to give birth, of course, because the discomforts of the last month are just really annoying already. And painful. But a part of me will always regret that Eden wasn't launched earlier so I could have enjoyed their outfits longer in my pregnancy. A part of me will miss strutting my stuff in the sake tank top with my belly round and proud.

But I do look forward to breastfeeding in public in style!

Friday, October 29, 2010

At 36 Weeks

At 36 weeks, my neck and armpits are already really dark.

I weigh 190 pounds (and counting!).

I waddle like a duck and wake up with mini cramps every three days or so.

I have trouble putting on my underwear.

And yes, I can't see my feet anymore, let alone my yah-know.

I snore half the time in my sleep. And I need to slide my way off chairs and beds to help me get up.

And my yah-know hurts (nay, throbs!) half the time that I sometimes wonder if I am already dilated.

And all the people I meet either wonder if am carrying twins or that I might pop right then and there.

But thanks to Eden, I look fab here! Unfortunately, I am so wide and big, my son looks emaciated beside me.


How do you babyproof a house with a preschooler in it?

I am not even referring to safeguarding from pointy corners and electric outlets that are essential to child safety. I am talking about the preschoolers toys that he will either scatter about or offer to an infant. Toys that may be dirty, hard or can pose a choking hazard.

We never really installed stair gates before and we didn't even cover sockets. We did employ the use of a pen when my firstborn was just beginning to cruise and learn to walk. Technically, I think the same approach can still work with us especially if we're still living in the same house (where my father had the unaesthetic but quite effective idea of installing sockets and plugs in the middle of walls, far from the reach of young kids). And with someone always watching the kids, I feel security is covered pretty well.

But oh, how to train my child that his toys are not meant to be shared just yet with an infant and not kill his enthusiastic, generous spirit?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Essential Newborn Care Protocol

It takes time to download but everything one must know about essential newborn protocol care protocol/program (ENP) can be found here.

The Four Core Steps of Essential Newborn Care include:
* Immediate and thorough drying
* Early skin-to-skin contact
* Properly timed cord clamping
* Non-separation of the newborn and mother for early initiation of breastfeeding

Note to moms... drying a baby is essential since they easily get cold and cold is the enemy of newborns. Per my LATCH counselor friend (who is also a pedia), babies who get cold may have breathing problems. It is, however, not the same as wiping off the vernix (the waxy substance covering the baby which is a natural protection from infections). This is why part of the protocol is the delayed bathing of the baby (up to six hours).

The same procedure can be done for STABLE premature babies but for both unstable term and premature babies, resuscitation or other initial intervention is of course prioritized.

The ultimate goal of ENP is non-separation with their mothers, not just for breastfeeding but also for the colonization with the mother's bacteria (which the mother can provide protection from) and skin-to-skin contact (warming).

And yes, even moms who just had a CS operation can enjoy the breast crawl. In fact, it becomes all the more essential as the baby missed the good bacteria it usually gets from normal deliveries that is very essential in jumpstarting a baby's immune system.

And this is the beautiful Unang Yakap video again:

And this is the official World Health Organization flyer on ENP.


My nurse friend in the US shared that "mothers are best for their babies" is the cornerstone of what is referred in the US as NIDCAP (Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program) which I believe is the counterpart of our ENP.

It is really sad that a mother's natural capacities to carry, deliver, nourish and care for a child has been undermined by the modern way of life. Now, groups like ours even have to convince and empower women that the best they can give their children are nowhere outside them... that they are the experts and the authorities on their child.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soyami with Yummy Mommies

I attended the Soyami Soya Chips mini launch at Active Fun last Friday with my friend Laya. So while our kiddos bonded (Oona and Yakee could be siblings, honestly!) at the playground that is Active Fun, we got to meet other moms and hear about the Soyami product.

the cutest girl ever, little Olly

Laya in a video shoot for Soyami (naks)

loved meeting Chats finally here (the lovely lady beside me)

Apple Morales, who owns the Active Fun branch in SM North and who thought of Soyami soya chips as a healthier food snack to offer their patrons, was a former UNICEF breastfeeding advocate. And I absolutely loved her and her tales about her son. I really hope they'd be blessed again soon!

Anyway, don't be surprised if you see a video of me in their site recommending their product. I do believe that it is a great alternative to the usual potato chip. And from the freebies we got, I can say that it's really made from soya since we've observed certain digestive/excretory benefits (to think we share a 50 gm. pack).

Soya supposedly helps in losing weight so dieters might want to consider Soyami for when they are craving for crunch. That surely beats having to determine diet pills that work, right? And soya is rich in protein and calcium.

I won't ever say to make Soyami a habit BUT if you are buying chips anyway, Soyami soya chips surely beats most junk food out there. The sodium content alone in the common brands are a killer, what more the msg.

Have I said that Soyami soya chips are certified Halal? Apples said that they import their soya beans which are certified GMO (organic). Soyami will start being sold in groceries this November and will cost P37/50 gram bag. Yes, it's a lot more expensive compared to other chips but you basically pay for healthier snacking.

Come on, save your colons and kidneys. Try Soyami chips!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Things to Look Forward to

A great big part of me is stressed, worried and anxious about the new baby and how it will affect everything, like our budget (diaper costs!), our dynamics (Yakee is a happy baby but he's bound to be jealous), our roles (Pappie and I really need to be involved more as there'd be two of them requiring our love and attention) and the logistics of just being.

I guess you don't really fret over the expected pluses, anyway.

But I do have the following to look forward to:

1) Yakee mirroring our caring and nurturing.

2) Being more resourceful and creative, not just with time and money, but also with activities and tasks.

3) Learning to be more practical. We just really might embrace blog contests and online coupons and everything that will allow us to hit two birds with one stone.

4) Getting to know another person and watching him unfold.

5) The love that's bound to overflow in our families over the new baby (already, everybody can't wait to be sniffing a newborn again).

6) Building new dreams and hopes with hubby over our brood... as well as making new plans.

7) Personally, having another guy grow up worshipping the ground I walk on. Hehe.

Less Stressed Now

It's really great to have a loving hubby and friends to comfor you when you're stressed.

Turned out, I was so stressed yesterday that I couldn't sleep anymore, which made me miss a lunch with college friends and any opportunity to go to Rockwell to check out Eden's collection in new colors. I did get to catch some sleep around lunch time and at least feel normal again.

But we did get to go to a birthday party in the afternoon where I bonded again with N@W/Plurk friends. And it's great to be told I was blooming, haha, even though my neck and armpits are all dark and am waddling like a duck and bumping kids with my preggy bump.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stressed Mommy

I don't really know which of the things the doctor said, or which of the things that happened, got me stressed. But after my checkup and ultrasound at the OB, I came out feeling stressed.

Maybe it's the cost of delivery, knowing we'd really spend so much in 2.5 weeks. Maybe it's the fact that I laundered some of Yamee's layette this lunch and it rained late afternoon. Maybe it's having a definite date (11-11-10) of when life as I know it is going to change again for good.

Maybe it's being slightly polyhydramnios again. And the pedia I want may be out of town that time (to think we pushed for Asian because he instituted the ENP there).

I don't know. I just hope I relax again asap and enjoy the rest of the almost three weeks I have before things get chaotic again.

Fab in Eden Again

I was fabulously sexy in my Eden outfit again.

It was even really laughable to have drivers of cars, jeeps, and even small trucks oggling me as I was hailing cabs yesterday. I think they couldn't miss my wide behind (which are perky nonetheless, thank you) and then would get surprised that I actually have a pregnancy bump. Then they'd see my wonderful cleavage. Haha.

The sake tank top is really flattering and comfy that I am not really bothered about losing weight fast post-pregnancy, outfits-wise. I mean, health-wise, of course, I really hope breastfeeding will help me drop the pounds.

And at the Active Fun event, I even demonstrated some of the ways you can wear the Infinitude, having brought mine to show my friend so she can make up her mind if it's a sound investment or not. I believe I was convincing (and dang Eden, you should really give me discounts already for how much I rave about your stuff, haha).

Oh and those who didn't know me will usually do a double take after realizing I was preggo because the tank top was just really so flattering, it can even sort of hide a bulge as big as a pregnancy bump. I tell you, it should do miracles for everyday flab, I swear!

Anyway, it's amazing to feel this fab when am just two weeks away or so from popping a baby out.

Play Date in a Car

Basically, that's what happened to my friend Laya and me and our kiddos yesterday. We were supposed to attend two blogger events but started late and got caught in Friday traffic and rains so we spent most of our time on the road.

It also took a long time before our 3-year olds warmed up enough to each other. Active Fun thawed them a little but it was really the threat of separation before having dinner (where Yakee insisted on riding with them again instead of with me and his father) that got them really playing with each other. So, we ended up with really noisy preschoolers at 1521.

Sometimes, we found ourselves wondering out loud about our kids dating together. But as is the case with kids growing up with each other (which we hope they'll do), the chances of them complaining to each other about teenage acne and their dates is actually greater than them looking at each other as date material.

It was great bonding time for me and Laya though. Plus, her Mom's the coolest ever too. It was a great, great way to kick off the long weekend.

Plus, we're all seeing each other again tomorrow!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

190 Pounds

Yup. I am now currently 190 pounds.

Being pregnant is not even a valid excuse for my height, which is only 5 feet and 4.5 inches. But I guess that will have to do for now. It's not like I can go on a diet or exercise much, considering that I still get nauseous when I don't eat all the time. And everything about me hurts. Even down there. I even sometimes believe that I just might be dilated already. Heh!

I won't be researching the side effects of phentermine anytime soon, but I really hope my appetite will die down a little after the delivery. And that I won't be depressed so much that I'd stress eat.

I am going on 36 weeks now. Just a week or two more! But please varicose veins, please, stop giving me grief!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Delivery Payment Strategies

When I gave birth to Yakee, we paid our deposit at Asian Hospital with cash. We didn't expect that all the professional fees of the doctors are expected to be in cash form too. Good thing hubs didn't need to take out a cash advance from his credit card because we actually had cash in the bank still. Needless to say, we used up all our cash that time though which isn't really wise, even if we had it. I mean, we also needed cash to buy food and medicines, see.

So now I have been thinking of what our strategy will be. Granted, we will have enough cash for the delivery (barring complications) and they're all in my ATM. I was thinking we'd just pay the deposit using our credit card and I will just withdraw enough cash to cover about 50-70% of our expected bill. This way, we'd still have cash in the bank and we could always pay off the credit card when the billing comes with hubs' salary. And then hubs need not give me any allowance anymore. Actually, I am just thinking of all these offsetting because I suddenly feel superstitious, that one of us will either lose the money or it might get stolen, so best not to have all the cash on hand.

What do you think?

My Morning Inventory

Since my darling son woke up real early today, I found myself in the mood to do some minor cleaning up and nesting. I also took out a bag of cloth diapers to check if there's anything there I should be washing for my unborn and that's when I discovered the fact that I still have to buy some more cloth diapers.

You see, I had a dozen of white gauze diapers, a dozen of printed gauze diapers, a dozen of Gerber pre-folded diapers and six pre-folded Chino Pino. I thought I only used half of the gauze ones (the printed ones for wiping/drying my baby's bum, the white ones for wiping spit ups & sweat and serving as receiving blankets in the early days). Well it seems I used up all the white gauze ones which means that I have printed ones for my second-born's bum, but I don't have cloth diapers to use as receiving blanket for him.

And no, I don't wanna use the old cloth diapers on him, no matter how clean they are (because I am still using them to wipe Yakee's sweat with when we're out). And I can't use the prefolded diapers for spit ups and sweat, eventhough they were never used (I only road tested one of each but just really preferred disposables).

So yeah, wouldn't you know it, I have more shopping to do!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last Stretch Woes

I am unable to sleep now because I am just not comfortable anymore. And I am always hot, even in the past few days that it's been raining.

When I do get to sleep though, I wake up to mild cramps. Then I get stressed about scaring my son, who I end up waking as I writhe in pain, and upset that he's not yet old enough to help. I always literally have to slide my way in the bed, while lying down, to get my legs near the wall so I can push. I have cramps in the morning, you see, after hubby has gone to work.

And then I'd spend the day limping.

I have just asked my masahista if she could come by because my body really needs some TLC.

And don't get me started on other inconveniences like bowel movement and things related to that. Having to pee all the time, I can live with too, but aches and pains down there, not really.

Plus, I do feel heavy and exhausted all the time. This is really the last stretch... and I have yet to wash my baby's layette!!!

Video Production as Part-Time Work

I am currently in the midst of making a Video production for a friend for her Mom's birthday in December. We have decided to already start on it this early as I am due to give birth in November. And it's nothing fancy really, more like a photoslide of digiscrapped pages with her choice of songs. I have a long way to go before I can come up with anything like a corporate video production, you know, with Flash and animation. Hubs has been asking me though if I wanted to learn, since maybe it is an opportunity I should tap and something I will be good in.

Well, priority right now is having a safe delivery. But as with attending blogger events (for the SEO opportunities), I have been toying with the idea of really mastering Photoshop and video production since I have a knack for the sentimental anyway. And if I prove capable, making video productions as part-time work wouldn't be a shabby thing indeed. I have enough friends who can get me to create their corporate video production for special occasions. Maybe I can even just get my old company to hire my services every Anniversary and Christmas celebration as I used to create the AVPs for those events anyway.

The possibilities are endless, even if you're working from home.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunny Today and Other Thoughts

It's sunny today, thank God, but I didn't launder any of my unborn's infant layette. And the sun is just so perfect for drying everything in a day. Arrgh.

Such frustrations over indecisions and missed opportunities can probably beat even the best weight loss pills out there. Or not. I mean, they may drive me to finish off a box of Krispy Kreme donuts (redeemed because we're charging so much lately on our Citibank credit card).

My son is down and whiny with allergic rhinitis. It's not just colds because it gets better when we're out and got worse when we ate Thai food last night. Plus, his eyes are all itchy and watery. He even let me massage his forehead and face last night, which he seldom allows.

Meanwhile, my nether regions have started feeling really weighed down. Ouch!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Dream

I had a very vivid dream.

I dreamt I already gave birth, prematurely. But it seems I did it normally because hubs just handed the baby to the doctors. And then I was a little pissed that all my breast crawl plans didn't materialize and I had to ask for the baby back to breastfeed her.

Yes, her.

I gave birth to a 6.2 pound baby girl and I was like, "Oh no, have to tell my sis to stop buying boy things and start buying girl things for my baby."

And I still haven't washed my child's layette so we had to ask my cousin to just iron them so they'd be rid of germs so my baby would have something to wear.

I was so stressed that nothing went according to plan... hay. And I don't know if it's just my fears or it's really my instincts telling me that Yamee is coming out sooner than expected.

As it is, I am now 35 weeks along. Technically, we're good to go in two weeks.

And I still haven't washed his layette!!! And there's a storm due in the country so I can't launder them still. Arrgh.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Gimik Tonight

Well, not really gimik as it's just a dinner something with my FSL friends. I thought it will be over a week before I go out again. At least I have a reason to put on my freshly-bought makeup!

A friend directed me to a site yesterday selling wraps that are like a cheaper version of the Infinitude. I really should be investing in them to jazz up everyday clothes and special occasion dresses. Oh and I really need more proper accessories (like earrings and necklaces). I doubt i'd ever be a scarf-donning chic though.

I am excited! I wonder if they'd all be signing so fast, I wouldn't be able to keep up, hehe.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Preggy Out and About

This is me at the Manila Ocean Park last Saturday where we celebrated my son's birthday with our families. I was still puffy and blah from my barfing episode. I'm wearing a Mamaway nursing top here (thus the openings) which would hopefully look like a tent on me after I give birth.

And yes, most of my tops are dark or outright black, which really makes me regret the ash-colored Infinitude and gap blue boncho. Howell.

But my bump isn't so big here right?

I just noticed though that I have varicose veins on my lower legs already meaning I am really getting too heavy for my well, veins. It will really be such a challenge to lose weight next year but hopefully, all the jogging hubs is doing will egg me on. Plus, I don't want all my investments to go to waste... I just cannot look frumpy and have two kids!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mall Sales this Weekend

It's sale at Mega Mall and Robinson's Place Ermita this weekend, starting October 15. Hubs and I were at Mega Mall last Monday and were checking out the baby stuff there (lots of cute stuff, but I have already completed Yamee's layette). With just enough wishful thinking, we also checked out the toddler beds there. We know we still can't really buy Yakee a toddler bed for lack of space in our one-bedroom home. Maybe when we get our own house, we can make room for pine beds for our two boys and just cater to their childhood whims via character bedspreads and pillows.

And maybe a dinosaur and truck mural.

Maybe I'd go to Rob to invest in more makeup or get myself colorful and stretchy tank tops.

On a Makeup High

Went to meet a fellow LATCH peer counselor who's also a PruLife UK agent at Rob this afternoon. We mostly talked about our kids though and other parenting concerns. Then I took myself shopping for a basic set of makeup brush, another eyeliner, some sponges and a concealer set.

I am on a makeup high! Eeven though I am really not heading anywhere for the next week or so, I still felt justified in my purchases. I only just realized I forgot to pick up a lip balm too.

Now, I must practice using all of the blasted things.

And I should stop checking out Eden's site and wanting more Infinitudes. Hehe.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unilab's Mommy's Day Out

Yesterday, I attended a Mommy's Day Out for mommy bloggers sponsored and organized by Unilab. I believe it was part of their "Discerning Mommy" campaign but this was more about taking care of oneself and feeling good. They invited only ten bloggers and only seven of us managed to make it. Still, the intimate gathering was so much fun.

Over lunch at the Sky Lounge of the Linden Suites, we talked about potty training woes, earning online (from paid links to customer service jobs from Odesk), pregnancy cravings, our decision to stay at home and the different blogger events we have attended.

The daddy blogger who welcomed us, Mr. Jack Orendain (Unilab Corporate Affairs) shared something which I loved. He talked briefly about an aunt and uncle who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary whom he asked for the secret of their happy marriage. The aunt supposedly said something like "marriage is quality time together, and quality time apart, and the quality of time apart from each other is something you also bring into your time together."

And then Ms. Marie Calica shared with us her beauty mantras:

~ Exfoliate
~ Moisturize
~ Don't forget the eyes and the neck
~ Make water your friend
~ Take Vitamin E
~ Get enough Sleep
~ Use sunblock all the time
~ Keep Yourself Clean
~ Make Beauty Products Available

After that, Ms. Angie Gogna taught us the basics of applying makeup and even demonstrated the how and why of each one.

High on makeup tips, we were then given beauty/hygiene products from Unilab and then ushered to Linden Suites' Mane Depot for some foot and hair spa.

I was the last customer out, which proved lucky as hubs was able to fetch me and we managed to squeeze in a dinner date at Gotti's in Mega Mall after.

And yes, I had such a lovely pampering day which made me feel good about being a Mom. It also strengthened my resolve not to let myself go anymore, and invest in not just makeup but also on nice clothes and other things that make me feel good.

Oh, and I've just increased my Mom network too!

All the pics I took are here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Recovering from the Weekend

It's so nice to see my son preoccupied with all his new toys, and having in-laws compete on who's giving him the best gift ever. It's such a great feeling knowing my son is loved, and that, should anything bad happen to us, he'd be left with a loving family.

I am thankful.

I was imagining losing hubs and son this morning. I know, I am weird that way. And I texted hubs that I so love them I don't get the logic of letting a piece of my heart go wandering about, much less having another child to worry about. I mean, this much love can kill because it's so easy to threaten.

But when I think of the price for not having to live with that kind of fear, I also cannot in good conscience want to not have my family to love. It's a privilege and such a rewarding experience.

Anyway, this is hormonal me brimming in gratitude and love from the weekend. Now, I am off to a blogger event catering to mommies.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Future Workout Plan

I weighed 160 pounds when I got pregnant this second time. That was my weight when I gave birth to my firstborn.

Now, I believe I am past 180 pounds. And counting.

I do intend, however, to take better care of myself after I give birth. My husband has this workout plan he downloaded onto his Blackberry. I'm not sure but he may have gotten it from It's composed of a range of workout routines and paces which are very flexible. I say flexible because it allows him to choose from different running modes. Now he's in destressing mode which he says would require him to take rests every fifteen minutes of running. Maybe that helps with expediting second wind, I'm not sure. Plus, he gets to track the distance he has run and how many calories he has burned so far using his phone.

He has beaten his previous fun run time by about four minutes which suggests progress so I guess there is real wisdom in having a workout plan.

I am not yet obsessing about what my workout plan will be since I have yet to deliver a baby. Plus, since I am due for a C-section delivery and will be breastfeeding to boot, it will be a while before I will be willing to exercise regularly. Well, I am giving myself four or five months at least. But I have consulted several times and checked out different routines since I have also made a pact with a friend to go run at the Mommy Milkshake marathon next year which is held every August. Plus, it wouldn't do to be lazy and unhealthy with two boys to care for. I have to commit to being in tiptop shape really. So, I will take up running definitely.

And it will really save me tons of money if I could wear all my old clothes again.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Painter's Wife Blog Contest

THREE GOODIE BAGS for mommies (especially breastfeeding ones) worth at least P3,000 each of fab products is up for grabs at the Painter's Wife's blog.

I would seriously be happy with any of these things (as I don't need stuff like rv insurance or LV bags anyway):

Goodie Bag #1:
PhP1,000.00 store credits from Swell Sweets
One (1) Sling from Next9
One (1) Onesie or T-Shirt from googoo&gaga

Goodie Bag #2:
PhP750.00 Gift Certificate from Chili Willy’s Texas Grill
PhP1,000.00 Store Credits from
One (1) 3-Pc. Burp Cloth Set from Nursingmom

Goodie Bag #3:
Breastfeeding Accessories Set from Mama.Baby.Love (Jingle Jungle Sterilizer Bags, Jingle Jungle Breastmilk Storage Bags, Fabulous Mom Nursing Pads)
One (1) Nursing Cover and Pouch Set from Nursingmom
Five (5) Regular Servings of Caveman & Yeti Shaved Ice

You can join by blogging about it, tweeting about it, adding as Multiply friend, referring friends to the blog contest (so please, if you learned about the contest from me/here, don't forget to include my name "Mec Arevalo" as the one who referred you so I can get an extra entry point while you earn yours) or liking the sponsors' FB pages.

Just click on the photo above to take you to the Painter's Wife's contest page!

Now, let me just invoke the luck that they say preggos have, hehe.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And I Thought He Was Proof of Evolution

Look at my son and me in our most recent pics.

Can you say 'spitting image'? :D

But he is a much cuter version. I remember, when I was her age, even my own Mom didn't like looking at me anymore 'coz it dismayed her how I looked more like a boy, and a homely one at that. No amount of frilly dress got me looking like a girl, hehe.

Anyway, I also can't help but smile that I fionally have a proper pic (or two) with my son. I'm still the official photographer and still always out of the pictures, so these ones are priceless. Just priceless.

Mommy Blogger

More and more mommy bloggers network are being established as more and more middle-income families have stay-at-home-moms and as more and more moms document their family life through blogs. Plus, blogs are one great way for us to recommend tried and tested products, or warn others about other things.

For some, it's also a great way to share the latest news and trends and studies, or just direct people to great sales and cute outfits (both for the mom and the kids).

I sure hope I can be more of a blogger, learn about SEO and web directory submission and increasing page ranks and feeds subscriptions. Maybe next year.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Night Terrors Or Not?

I have yet to research on night terrors but I am worried about my son, who started having bad dreams since October 1. That time, I thought it was because we had a bad day previously and he was just processing that in his subconscious, which was why he was having bad dreams and seemed like he was throwing a tantrum in his sleep. He woke up upset and even angry at his father.

But since then, he's had more bad dreams in his sleep (during the night). And he's become more whiny, emotional, sensitive. Last night, he threw a tantrum far longer than he always did, and even resorted to hitting his pillows and literally sobbing into them after being disciplined. It was weird and our of character.

Night terrors... or stress from mommy being pregnant? Night terrors or his awareness of the changing dynamics in our family? Night terrors or his perception that our time together is up?

I am inclined to think it's both... that it's both developmental (as he's turning 3) and situational (what is the right term?). Sigh. I don't want to feel guilty lest I add to his anxieties but I also have to admit I am worried. I hate seeing him looking like he's hurt (emotionally).

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Social Calendar So Far

Taking advantage of the fact that I don't need any acne treatment gel when am preggy and really fabulous maternity outfits, I am squeezing as much activities in my calendar as I can.

I have tackled the Divi trip already for my last purchases of onesies and more socks.

I hope to attend a blogger event on October 11 with Unilab and another one on the 22nd at Action Fun (all the way to SM North EDSA). Then I just received word that Mommy Academy will be having another talk series on the 23rd and I feel inclined to register.

Then, come October 24, I'd be lunching with former college classmates and then attending the birthday party of my blogger friend's daughter.

And if truth be told, I am also itching to go to the 2nd Homeschooling Conference on the 30th. And I also need to go to my old office to withdraw funds and attend my former colleague's birthday celebration.

Busy, busy, busy! I don't know which is busier, a bee or me!

Shopping Woes

I need help. I have asked forum mommies to pray over me because I need help.

I am obsessed with maternity and nursing wear. I just realized I have spent over P10k already for maternity and nursing wear since August. Sure, at least they'd all double as nursing wear and since I plan to breastfeed for at least two years again, they'd sure go a long way. And I do believe they are good investments. Still, I have spent more money on MY clothes than I have on Yamee's layette.

And I just bought a new Mama Au Lait top and a Blissfulbabes nursing bandeau in pink (because it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everybody should wear pink) yesterday... and now, I am itching to go to the Whitespace market because Eden is selling Bento Box stuff in 2's (for P2,500, I can maybe get another sake tank top and the skirt, or two tank tops!) and I still really want a Poem Scarf!


I need help.

I used to think THRICE when a top costs more than P300. This is soooo not me! I am telling myself Eden will have other trunk shows (plus, they have new designs and collections coming out in the next months) but I am itching, itching, itching to go.

I need help.

(and it is mybirthday tomorrow!)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Insurance Meetings

Hubs has met with his high school friend twice already to discuss insurance so now he's even abreast of Netquote business car insurance and prevailing local business insurance rates. The one being offered to him by his friend, a term insurance, is also something we can use when we take out a loan for a house because it supposedly guarantees that we will be paid so much so the bank, or Pag-Ibig, need not worry about not getting paid.

And then there's me supposedly meeting with a PruLife UK representative but our meeting keeps getting cancelled and usually because of babysitter issues. I wouldn't be surprised if she offers me a group health plan for the entire family. Supposedly too, they are the only insurance company that offers something else (dividends from deposits? I forgot).

Hubs and I have agreed to meet with these people and really consider what they are offering. And then we will have a serious talk on which one will best suit our needs. I am actually a little hesitant to commit to monthly payments when I really want us prioritizing a house (and dealing with housing loans). Plus, Yakee, even if I homeschool him next year, will require expense for all the classes he needs for socialization purposes. Not to mention the expected two thousand pesos addition on our monthly budget for diapers for Yamee and all the well-baby checkups and vaccines. And then there will be his birthday.

But at least, ever since hubs started jogging, he has also been more conscious about health in general, and our security in particular. And just like with any other thing, I am sure we can make ends meet for our love will find a way.