Friday, October 29, 2010


How do you babyproof a house with a preschooler in it?

I am not even referring to safeguarding from pointy corners and electric outlets that are essential to child safety. I am talking about the preschoolers toys that he will either scatter about or offer to an infant. Toys that may be dirty, hard or can pose a choking hazard.

We never really installed stair gates before and we didn't even cover sockets. We did employ the use of a pen when my firstborn was just beginning to cruise and learn to walk. Technically, I think the same approach can still work with us especially if we're still living in the same house (where my father had the unaesthetic but quite effective idea of installing sockets and plugs in the middle of walls, far from the reach of young kids). And with someone always watching the kids, I feel security is covered pretty well.

But oh, how to train my child that his toys are not meant to be shared just yet with an infant and not kill his enthusiastic, generous spirit?


Lazy said...

I read somewhere before to train the older kid to put all the small stuff that can fit into his mouth in a container. Once the container is full, he gets a reward. Then keep the contents in a safer place. Sometimes babyproofing drives me crazy too!

Mec said...

Lazy... super appreciate the tip!!! I will be on it!!!