Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Delivery Payment Strategies

When I gave birth to Yakee, we paid our deposit at Asian Hospital with cash. We didn't expect that all the professional fees of the doctors are expected to be in cash form too. Good thing hubs didn't need to take out a cash advance from his credit card because we actually had cash in the bank still. Needless to say, we used up all our cash that time though which isn't really wise, even if we had it. I mean, we also needed cash to buy food and medicines, see.

So now I have been thinking of what our strategy will be. Granted, we will have enough cash for the delivery (barring complications) and they're all in my ATM. I was thinking we'd just pay the deposit using our credit card and I will just withdraw enough cash to cover about 50-70% of our expected bill. This way, we'd still have cash in the bank and we could always pay off the credit card when the billing comes with hubs' salary. And then hubs need not give me any allowance anymore. Actually, I am just thinking of all these offsetting because I suddenly feel superstitious, that one of us will either lose the money or it might get stolen, so best not to have all the cash on hand.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy Mec!

This is what I did in Makati Med. What we did was we did not bring any money (except for the emergency stuff as parking, food, etc. Instead, after my CS, I asked the doctors already how much their PFs are - ballpark lang kasi binigay nila when I asked -- so I know the exact amount to withdraw. Medyo malaki, kaya my husband had to do it over the counter. Then we paid agad. Hirap kasi to walk with that much cash around. We paid off the hostpital bills through credit card. Hope this helps!