Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dressing Up While Pregnant

For one thing, I am not into clothes. I seldom gush over anything you put on. Dressing up usually just means showing some skin, some cleavage or some curves for me.

And looking fab while pregnant isn't something I ever aspired to do. After all, with all the waddling and widening I'd be doing, why would I stress myself with actually dressing up?

But being a SAHM and being overweight already... and then getting nauseous and preggy, that's depressing. And I wanted to have proper nursing wear this time.

Enter Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear by Bianca Araneta Elizalde. I know I have started to sound like a broken record but I can't stop raving about their sake tank top (the comfiest thing I ever wore!) and all the possibilities their Infinitude offers.

This interview about Bianca's line also echoed my sentiments:

"Women have to realize the limitations of non-maternity wear on a growing belly. And it doesn’t matter how slim they try to stay throughout their pregnancy — their bellies will grow! And it will grow big by the time they’re ready to give birth.

When you stick to non-maternity clothes, you will do what’s called trimester dressing. You will keep buying clothes a size or two bigger throughout each trimester, and that is never a good idea. It’s smarter to invest in a few good maternity pieces that will see you through the nine months. This is something I kept in mind when I designed Eden. Everything had to fit and flatter a woman’s growing body throughout pregnancy and beyond.? (Bianca)

I can't wait to give birth, of course, because the discomforts of the last month are just really annoying already. And painful. But a part of me will always regret that Eden wasn't launched earlier so I could have enjoyed their outfits longer in my pregnancy. A part of me will miss strutting my stuff in the sake tank top with my belly round and proud.

But I do look forward to breastfeeding in public in style!

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