Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fab in Eden Again

I was fabulously sexy in my Eden outfit again.

It was even really laughable to have drivers of cars, jeeps, and even small trucks oggling me as I was hailing cabs yesterday. I think they couldn't miss my wide behind (which are perky nonetheless, thank you) and then would get surprised that I actually have a pregnancy bump. Then they'd see my wonderful cleavage. Haha.

The sake tank top is really flattering and comfy that I am not really bothered about losing weight fast post-pregnancy, outfits-wise. I mean, health-wise, of course, I really hope breastfeeding will help me drop the pounds.

And at the Active Fun event, I even demonstrated some of the ways you can wear the Infinitude, having brought mine to show my friend so she can make up her mind if it's a sound investment or not. I believe I was convincing (and dang Eden, you should really give me discounts already for how much I rave about your stuff, haha).

Oh and those who didn't know me will usually do a double take after realizing I was preggo because the tank top was just really so flattering, it can even sort of hide a bulge as big as a pregnancy bump. I tell you, it should do miracles for everyday flab, I swear!

Anyway, it's amazing to feel this fab when am just two weeks away or so from popping a baby out.

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