Sunday, October 10, 2010

Future Workout Plan

I weighed 160 pounds when I got pregnant this second time. That was my weight when I gave birth to my firstborn.

Now, I believe I am past 180 pounds. And counting.

I do intend, however, to take better care of myself after I give birth. My husband has this workout plan he downloaded onto his Blackberry. I'm not sure but he may have gotten it from It's composed of a range of workout routines and paces which are very flexible. I say flexible because it allows him to choose from different running modes. Now he's in destressing mode which he says would require him to take rests every fifteen minutes of running. Maybe that helps with expediting second wind, I'm not sure. Plus, he gets to track the distance he has run and how many calories he has burned so far using his phone.

He has beaten his previous fun run time by about four minutes which suggests progress so I guess there is real wisdom in having a workout plan.

I am not yet obsessing about what my workout plan will be since I have yet to deliver a baby. Plus, since I am due for a C-section delivery and will be breastfeeding to boot, it will be a while before I will be willing to exercise regularly. Well, I am giving myself four or five months at least. But I have consulted several times and checked out different routines since I have also made a pact with a friend to go run at the Mommy Milkshake marathon next year which is held every August. Plus, it wouldn't do to be lazy and unhealthy with two boys to care for. I have to commit to being in tiptop shape really. So, I will take up running definitely.

And it will really save me tons of money if I could wear all my old clothes again.


Glo said...

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Mec said...

thanks for the tip sis!

jennyL said...

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