Friday, October 1, 2010

Insurance Meetings

Hubs has met with his high school friend twice already to discuss insurance so now he's even abreast of Netquote business car insurance and prevailing local business insurance rates. The one being offered to him by his friend, a term insurance, is also something we can use when we take out a loan for a house because it supposedly guarantees that we will be paid so much so the bank, or Pag-Ibig, need not worry about not getting paid.

And then there's me supposedly meeting with a PruLife UK representative but our meeting keeps getting cancelled and usually because of babysitter issues. I wouldn't be surprised if she offers me a group health plan for the entire family. Supposedly too, they are the only insurance company that offers something else (dividends from deposits? I forgot).

Hubs and I have agreed to meet with these people and really consider what they are offering. And then we will have a serious talk on which one will best suit our needs. I am actually a little hesitant to commit to monthly payments when I really want us prioritizing a house (and dealing with housing loans). Plus, Yakee, even if I homeschool him next year, will require expense for all the classes he needs for socialization purposes. Not to mention the expected two thousand pesos addition on our monthly budget for diapers for Yamee and all the well-baby checkups and vaccines. And then there will be his birthday.

But at least, ever since hubs started jogging, he has also been more conscious about health in general, and our security in particular. And just like with any other thing, I am sure we can make ends meet for our love will find a way.

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