Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last Stretch Woes

I am unable to sleep now because I am just not comfortable anymore. And I am always hot, even in the past few days that it's been raining.

When I do get to sleep though, I wake up to mild cramps. Then I get stressed about scaring my son, who I end up waking as I writhe in pain, and upset that he's not yet old enough to help. I always literally have to slide my way in the bed, while lying down, to get my legs near the wall so I can push. I have cramps in the morning, you see, after hubby has gone to work.

And then I'd spend the day limping.

I have just asked my masahista if she could come by because my body really needs some TLC.

And don't get me started on other inconveniences like bowel movement and things related to that. Having to pee all the time, I can live with too, but aches and pains down there, not really.

Plus, I do feel heavy and exhausted all the time. This is really the last stretch... and I have yet to wash my baby's layette!!!

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