Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Morning Inventory

Since my darling son woke up real early today, I found myself in the mood to do some minor cleaning up and nesting. I also took out a bag of cloth diapers to check if there's anything there I should be washing for my unborn and that's when I discovered the fact that I still have to buy some more cloth diapers.

You see, I had a dozen of white gauze diapers, a dozen of printed gauze diapers, a dozen of Gerber pre-folded diapers and six pre-folded Chino Pino. I thought I only used half of the gauze ones (the printed ones for wiping/drying my baby's bum, the white ones for wiping spit ups & sweat and serving as receiving blankets in the early days). Well it seems I used up all the white gauze ones which means that I have printed ones for my second-born's bum, but I don't have cloth diapers to use as receiving blanket for him.

And no, I don't wanna use the old cloth diapers on him, no matter how clean they are (because I am still using them to wipe Yakee's sweat with when we're out). And I can't use the prefolded diapers for spit ups and sweat, eventhough they were never used (I only road tested one of each but just really preferred disposables).

So yeah, wouldn't you know it, I have more shopping to do!

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