Monday, October 4, 2010

Night Terrors Or Not?

I have yet to research on night terrors but I am worried about my son, who started having bad dreams since October 1. That time, I thought it was because we had a bad day previously and he was just processing that in his subconscious, which was why he was having bad dreams and seemed like he was throwing a tantrum in his sleep. He woke up upset and even angry at his father.

But since then, he's had more bad dreams in his sleep (during the night). And he's become more whiny, emotional, sensitive. Last night, he threw a tantrum far longer than he always did, and even resorted to hitting his pillows and literally sobbing into them after being disciplined. It was weird and our of character.

Night terrors... or stress from mommy being pregnant? Night terrors or his awareness of the changing dynamics in our family? Night terrors or his perception that our time together is up?

I am inclined to think it's both... that it's both developmental (as he's turning 3) and situational (what is the right term?). Sigh. I don't want to feel guilty lest I add to his anxieties but I also have to admit I am worried. I hate seeing him looking like he's hurt (emotionally).

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