Saturday, October 23, 2010

Play Date in a Car

Basically, that's what happened to my friend Laya and me and our kiddos yesterday. We were supposed to attend two blogger events but started late and got caught in Friday traffic and rains so we spent most of our time on the road.

It also took a long time before our 3-year olds warmed up enough to each other. Active Fun thawed them a little but it was really the threat of separation before having dinner (where Yakee insisted on riding with them again instead of with me and his father) that got them really playing with each other. So, we ended up with really noisy preschoolers at 1521.

Sometimes, we found ourselves wondering out loud about our kids dating together. But as is the case with kids growing up with each other (which we hope they'll do), the chances of them complaining to each other about teenage acne and their dates is actually greater than them looking at each other as date material.

It was great bonding time for me and Laya though. Plus, her Mom's the coolest ever too. It was a great, great way to kick off the long weekend.

Plus, we're all seeing each other again tomorrow!

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