Thursday, October 14, 2010

Preggy Out and About

This is me at the Manila Ocean Park last Saturday where we celebrated my son's birthday with our families. I was still puffy and blah from my barfing episode. I'm wearing a Mamaway nursing top here (thus the openings) which would hopefully look like a tent on me after I give birth.

And yes, most of my tops are dark or outright black, which really makes me regret the ash-colored Infinitude and gap blue boncho. Howell.

But my bump isn't so big here right?

I just noticed though that I have varicose veins on my lower legs already meaning I am really getting too heavy for my well, veins. It will really be such a challenge to lose weight next year but hopefully, all the jogging hubs is doing will egg me on. Plus, I don't want all my investments to go to waste... I just cannot look frumpy and have two kids!

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