Monday, October 11, 2010

Recovering from the Weekend

It's so nice to see my son preoccupied with all his new toys, and having in-laws compete on who's giving him the best gift ever. It's such a great feeling knowing my son is loved, and that, should anything bad happen to us, he'd be left with a loving family.

I am thankful.

I was imagining losing hubs and son this morning. I know, I am weird that way. And I texted hubs that I so love them I don't get the logic of letting a piece of my heart go wandering about, much less having another child to worry about. I mean, this much love can kill because it's so easy to threaten.

But when I think of the price for not having to live with that kind of fear, I also cannot in good conscience want to not have my family to love. It's a privilege and such a rewarding experience.

Anyway, this is hormonal me brimming in gratitude and love from the weekend. Now, I am off to a blogger event catering to mommies.

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