Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shopping Woes

I need help. I have asked forum mommies to pray over me because I need help.

I am obsessed with maternity and nursing wear. I just realized I have spent over P10k already for maternity and nursing wear since August. Sure, at least they'd all double as nursing wear and since I plan to breastfeed for at least two years again, they'd sure go a long way. And I do believe they are good investments. Still, I have spent more money on MY clothes than I have on Yamee's layette.

And I just bought a new Mama Au Lait top and a Blissfulbabes nursing bandeau in pink (because it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everybody should wear pink) yesterday... and now, I am itching to go to the Whitespace market because Eden is selling Bento Box stuff in 2's (for P2,500, I can maybe get another sake tank top and the skirt, or two tank tops!) and I still really want a Poem Scarf!


I need help.

I used to think THRICE when a top costs more than P300. This is soooo not me! I am telling myself Eden will have other trunk shows (plus, they have new designs and collections coming out in the next months) but I am itching, itching, itching to go.

I need help.

(and it is mybirthday tomorrow!)


Jenny said...

hi mec! so did you go? :D

Mec said...

I didn't get to coz our car was still broken and we didn't know how much the repairs would cost, haha