Monday, October 25, 2010

Things to Look Forward to

A great big part of me is stressed, worried and anxious about the new baby and how it will affect everything, like our budget (diaper costs!), our dynamics (Yakee is a happy baby but he's bound to be jealous), our roles (Pappie and I really need to be involved more as there'd be two of them requiring our love and attention) and the logistics of just being.

I guess you don't really fret over the expected pluses, anyway.

But I do have the following to look forward to:

1) Yakee mirroring our caring and nurturing.

2) Being more resourceful and creative, not just with time and money, but also with activities and tasks.

3) Learning to be more practical. We just really might embrace blog contests and online coupons and everything that will allow us to hit two birds with one stone.

4) Getting to know another person and watching him unfold.

5) The love that's bound to overflow in our families over the new baby (already, everybody can't wait to be sniffing a newborn again).

6) Building new dreams and hopes with hubby over our brood... as well as making new plans.

7) Personally, having another guy grow up worshipping the ground I walk on. Hehe.

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