Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unilab's Mommy's Day Out

Yesterday, I attended a Mommy's Day Out for mommy bloggers sponsored and organized by Unilab. I believe it was part of their "Discerning Mommy" campaign but this was more about taking care of oneself and feeling good. They invited only ten bloggers and only seven of us managed to make it. Still, the intimate gathering was so much fun.

Over lunch at the Sky Lounge of the Linden Suites, we talked about potty training woes, earning online (from paid links to customer service jobs from Odesk), pregnancy cravings, our decision to stay at home and the different blogger events we have attended.

The daddy blogger who welcomed us, Mr. Jack Orendain (Unilab Corporate Affairs) shared something which I loved. He talked briefly about an aunt and uncle who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary whom he asked for the secret of their happy marriage. The aunt supposedly said something like "marriage is quality time together, and quality time apart, and the quality of time apart from each other is something you also bring into your time together."

And then Ms. Marie Calica shared with us her beauty mantras:

~ Exfoliate
~ Moisturize
~ Don't forget the eyes and the neck
~ Make water your friend
~ Take Vitamin E
~ Get enough Sleep
~ Use sunblock all the time
~ Keep Yourself Clean
~ Make Beauty Products Available

After that, Ms. Angie Gogna taught us the basics of applying makeup and even demonstrated the how and why of each one.

High on makeup tips, we were then given beauty/hygiene products from Unilab and then ushered to Linden Suites' Mane Depot for some foot and hair spa.

I was the last customer out, which proved lucky as hubs was able to fetch me and we managed to squeeze in a dinner date at Gotti's in Mega Mall after.

And yes, I had such a lovely pampering day which made me feel good about being a Mom. It also strengthened my resolve not to let myself go anymore, and invest in not just makeup but also on nice clothes and other things that make me feel good.

Oh, and I've just increased my Mom network too!

All the pics I took are here.


Nica said...

Mommy Mek! Natawa naman ako dun sa picture hehehehe

fleur said...

Hi mommy Mec! =) I was invited too for that event but sadly i had to beg off because it was my baby's 6th month birthday..

I wish i came though. I would have loved to meet you and the rest of the mommy blogger! =)

more power to your blog!



Didi said...

Hi there mecasmom 8)
Was nice chatting with you guys over lunch
got a pic of you at the salon.
Want it?

Geia Macatangay Lopez said...

Hi Mommy Mec!

We'd like to invite you to a Mom Blogger event but can't find your contact details in your blog. :) Hope you can email us back at geiamacatangay@gmail.com so we can send the invitation to you :)