Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Video Production as Part-Time Work

I am currently in the midst of making a Video production for a friend for her Mom's birthday in December. We have decided to already start on it this early as I am due to give birth in November. And it's nothing fancy really, more like a photoslide of digiscrapped pages with her choice of songs. I have a long way to go before I can come up with anything like a corporate video production, you know, with Flash and animation. Hubs has been asking me though if I wanted to learn, since maybe it is an opportunity I should tap and something I will be good in.

Well, priority right now is having a safe delivery. But as with attending blogger events (for the SEO opportunities), I have been toying with the idea of really mastering Photoshop and video production since I have a knack for the sentimental anyway. And if I prove capable, making video productions as part-time work wouldn't be a shabby thing indeed. I have enough friends who can get me to create their corporate video production for special occasions. Maybe I can even just get my old company to hire my services every Anniversary and Christmas celebration as I used to create the AVPs for those events anyway.

The possibilities are endless, even if you're working from home.

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