Sunday, November 21, 2010

Anticipating Loot from Abroad

Two of my parents' balikbayan boxes are already here, albeit we haven't officially received them because they were delivered while we weren't here and they wouldn't release the packages to my cousin.

Another one is on its way.

And while chatting with my sister earlier, she told me about how it's Black Friday sale this coming Friday and that's when she and my aunt are going to load up on things for me. My parents are also doing a last-minute shopping spree then and will just ship the parcels before they leave since they are already over the baggage limit.

So yeah, it was with a light heart indeed that I went through my son's toys and threw away about a fourth of what he has because I just know we need the space. Plus, there'd be two of them already. The diaper and wipes boxes alone will require a huge space in the house. I can't help but wonder what else my parents bought for us.

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