Friday, November 26, 2010

Becoming a Better Mother and Role Model

While there is no greater joy in my life than being a mother, I have also found that I need to focus on my own well-being at times to maintain my sanity. As my son has reached the preschool years, being a parent has become more trying, and I must continually adapt my parenting skills to his rapidly developing curiosity. I want to be a strong role model for him as he grows so that he will have the skills needed to succeed in the world. If these are feelings to which you can relate, then I want to share a few ways I have found to improve my own well-being and thus, become a stronger role model for my child.

Eliminate Debt
A major cause of stress for me before having a child and even during most of my son’s infancy was debt. Having debt is emotionally draining because the worry about how to pay monthly bills takes attention and energy away from other more important areas of life, such as raising children.

As such, if you have multiple forms of debt, then I strongly encourage you to utilize a debt consolidation service as a way to eliminate this source of stress from your life. You will likely find that once you seriously tackle your debt, you will feel much more positive about the future.

Maintain Social Ties
While you may want to spend every moment possible with your child, it is also important to maintain social ties with other mothers or friends you had before you were a mother. Maintaining these social outlets is important because these friends can act as a support system when you need to vent about grown-up matters. They can also be an outlet to discuss things that are going on within your community.

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