Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Breast Crawl That Wasn't

Have I officially said that I have given birth already?

Anyway, people are always commenting on how far Asian Hospital is from where we live so we always had to repeat that hubs' family is from the South and that's where we left Yakee, and that our pedia instituted the ENP in Asian.

Anyway, again, because I indicated in a note that I had a strong drug allergy history, intend to exclusively breastfeed and want to experience ENP, the attending anesthesiologist did not sedate me anymore to ensure that my baby won't be groggy and will do the breast crawl. Needless to say, it was traumatic for me hearing all the tinkle of the instruments and conversation going on.

Unfortunately, my darling Yamee didn't receive the memo that I wanted him to do the breast crawl and only had plans of sleeping till the next day.

So yeah, he was heartily crying, making the doctors comment that he might be a cryer but when he was put on my chest (because I was a CS delivery), he immediately stopped and slept.

But we did get precious skin to skin contact and I loved the instant connection I felt. I immediately felt that I was his Mom and he is my child, which took days before I felt it with Yakee. There was none of the estrangement and none of the insecurities. Our heartbeats just synchronized and I immediately KNEW that he KNEW who I was, that he was safe again when he was on top of me.

Of course, I guess it also makes a difference that Yamee is my second child already. I am just a lot more confident now. But really, somehow, I know him more or know more of him when he was born.

So yes, IF we're having a 3rd baby, it will be at Asian Hospital again and I will insist on ENP again.

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