Sunday, November 28, 2010

Don't Gamble Your Children's Future!

As most everyone knows, having a child is an expensive proposition. Strike that – raising the child is an expensive proposition. Of course, there are things like keeping the child fed and clothed and so on, and then there's allowance when they grow up (if you do allowance) and buying them a car (if they're good that is) and so on and so forth. Still, the big expenditure that everyone thinks about when contemplating raising a child is the cost of education, specifically sending the child or children to college.

College is not cheap. It is a big investment, and investment is the right word, because most students come out of college with a large debt burden, which it is the hope they can repay with the fruits of the college degree they've just earned. But how do you as the parent pay for the cost of tuition in the meantime? There are several routes for doing this. Student loans are the method most people use. Financial aid through grants and gifts and the like is a welcome option to those who can get it. The lottery now is an interesting source for college tuition - interesting because it's a new spin on the big revenue-maker going philanthropic.

Perhaps if your children are able to afford school through the use of a lottery scholarship and go on to become mathematical whizkids, they'll get a job in the home of games of chance, in which case you should invest some of the big money they'll be making in Las Vegas property management, because face it, that's where the money is. And then other children can go to college, too! In any case, the important thing to know is that there are tools available. Do not let intimidating costs deter you. Seek the dream.

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