Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last Preggy Pic with my Infinitude

I sorta actually wore this one the wrong way because I was supposed to tie the panels behind me. But anyway, I am sure going to miss wearing my Infinitude as a preggy woman.

I feel the same way about my bento box stuff, especially since wearing the miso skirt as top last Tuesday just found me having to hitch it up lots of times. Yes, I just sorta implied that I've lost a lot of weight already. I am now only 168 lbs. I was exceeding 190 lbs when I was about to pop. Let's do some Math here... that's what, at least 20 lbs. lost in two weeks!

I just hope Yamee will continue being a good nurser. I also hope that pumping more regularly will help me lose weight. I really don't want to put pressure on myself about donating milk but it's really something I want to be able to do, especially since I never did it with Yakee (and I nursed him for over 2 years!). I am not for tandem breastfeeding and may never be a wet nurse, but this much I can do. It's just the logical next step in my breastfeeding advocacy.

And if I don't win the pump I am haunting FB for, I just hope my trusty Pigeon will continue working wonders for me. 3 ounces from just one breast this morning! I am on a roll!

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