Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sometimes being a mom means giving up the more elegant things in life. For most of us, being a mom means messes and diaper bags and putting our pennies in a college fund, instead of taking that night out on the town. But it is worth it. What could possibly be more important than our next generation, after all? Sometimes, though, I think that we don't believe this as much as we give lip service to it. I mean, even beyond the sad state of our schools. I read this book recently that really freaks me out. It's called The Price of Motherhood, and it talks about the burden society places on mothers. Women, in general, are getting closer and closer to closing the pay gap, but mothers aren't at all. In fact, it says that motherhood is the most accurate predictor of poverty in old age. What a sad and terrible thing: how we care for our elders and how we care for our children. Fatherhood is correlated with higher wealth. It sounds like a lot of ugly, messy divorces, you know? It's really been a lot of food for thought.

I know I'm especially lucky, because (and don't tell him I peeked!) my husband is getting me some beautiful Roberto Coin bracelets for Christmas. They're gorgeous, really, exquisite even. And as much as I know that he's in this for the long haul, as much as I know that life is a lot safer now than it was back then, it feels a little bit like the old tradition of giving one's spouse fine jewelry because you know they can sell it, and be taken care of financially if something happens to you. Call me old fashioned, but it feels really romantic being given some elegant things in life.

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