Monday, November 15, 2010

Now a Mom of Two

It's been a challenging and rewarding and humbling week for us. And now, I am a Mom of two boys.

The challenge with Yakee is that we had to leave him behind for a while. And then, after the delivery, we had to literally ask that he not be brought to the hospital as I was in pain and hubs had a migraine and we just couldn't deal with a newborn and him. And then, the reunion isn't exactly that smooth as his cousins were around and he's still feeling conflicted about the changes. And he managed to hit my cut the day I was supposed to be discharged.

But slowly, he's coming round to letting me love him again, albeit a little differently now.

The challenge with Yamee is that he's not as demanding as Yakee was, and not nursing as well as I think he should. He prefers to sleep. On one hand, he's a lot like a Baby Alive doll whose biggest challenge is changing him after he poops, because he's an easier baby than Yakee was. But still, I am getting frustrated with the lack of appetite. I was all set for a baby suckling with gusto and literally sucking me thin. Hehe.

But my boys are coming together slowly... and I am learning to balance my time and energy between the two. Of course, we're still not yet home so a lot will still change and take getting used to.

I am now a mom of two. I can't imagine being this in love but I am. Love truly multiplies and I am blessed.

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MamaBabyLove said...

mec!! congrats!! and you're up and blogging again :D