Thursday, November 18, 2010

Of Pendings and Deadlines

I was such a sloth while I was pregnant that though I did manage to cram the most important things I had to finish, there were still many things I had to leave unattended or pending.

First, I have yet to discuss the insurance quotes from Prulife UK sent to me by my agent friend with the husband.

I also forgot to leave authorization letters at home to receive packages in my behalf. I also forgot to pay the insurance for my parents' houses.

Then there's the AVP photoslide sideline that I have yet to plot on Moviemaker for my friend.

And the tons of things we have to throw away, from clothes to toys to old magazines, so we can make room for new stuff at home.

And I have also only checked e-mails and accounts properly. It seems I could have missed important writing deadlines too.

So now, I cram.

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