Friday, November 26, 2010

Stressed Over Christening

We originally planned my son's christening to be sometime end of January or February. I wanted to have adjusted to two kids already and to have lost some weight. Plus, we needed time to come up with money for it.

But hubs' sister was arriving from Dubai and my parents are arriving from the US. And my Mom is going back there in January so it doesn't seem wise to delay it since we do believe christenings are a family thing.

So we've booked Aristocrat already for the reception and now, I am trying to get a decent photographer who's not going on holiday then. Hubs and I hemmed and hawed over the menu but decided on the packaged one. We'll just leave it to our guests to do their post-Christmas colon cleansing elsewhere... fish is just really more expensive than meat. Hehe.

Now, I have about a week to finalize the invitations (which we'd send via Facebook only) and maybe do the layout for the tarp. Then after that, I can print the meaning of Yamee's name to leave with Aristocrat so they can attach it to the souvenirs we're getting from them. It's an uninpsired glittery something but I just don't have the strength to scour Divi anymore.

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