Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Struggling with Nursing Wear

With Yakee, I bought three non-padded nursing bras but didn't really use them. Instead, I just unclasped my regular brassieres and hitched my shirt or top up. I just didn't care if my flabby belly was getting exposed, it was the comfiest way for me to nurse.

With Yamee now, I have invested greatly in nursing bras and tops. Well, I only just bought a Mamamway bra and a Blissfulbabes bandeau. But I have really invested in nursing tops. Unfortunately, I am struggling with all of them! A part of me is convinced that I'm just not used manipulating them but a part of me also silently feels that the old way is better for me.


Bra pads on my sake tank tops (because a breast pad will get deformed and no pads will draw attention to my chest) feel like they're annoying my baby.

And the Mamaway bra's padded cups feel more like a barrier during breastfeeding.

I am liking my breastfeeding bandeau the most, since it offers hitch up or pull down options for me which wouldn't conflict much with my tops' openings. And well, my new Corsierre seems to be a lot more thicker and need not require pads.

I have to believe that there is hope for me yet and that I can breastfeed in style. I just need more practice!

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Carol said...

Yes! Practice is the way to go! For NIP practice, you can do it in front of a mirror so you'd see exactly how much/little you are showing.