Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Things We Give Up Being a Mom

There is nothing in the whole world that I desired more than to be a mother. I wanted to have that little child in my arms, hold them and love them. When I was little I always used to play house and had tons of baby dolls, so it is not surprising to anyone that knew me that this was a huge desire of mine to fulfill.

So now that I am a mother and have been for a while, I got to thinking of all the things that I have given up being a mom. Some of them I miss, some I don't. Here is my list of things I've given up recently to be a mother.

Fun Sites
I used to surf the Internet for hours and play on social media sites, sports betting sites and even shop on eBay and Craigslist. Gone are those days when I had hours to surf and look around online.

Me Time
My children are like "mini mes." Wherever I go they go with me. This is a wonderful feeling but one of the things I miss is the me time. The time I got to shop on my own, take a bath or relax. This doesn't happen often enough and it is one of the things I sacrificed.

An Adult Conversation
My whole day is filled with what so and so did, what they ate or their activities. I no longer have "adult" style conversations with my friends, family or husband anymore. I love my children but sometimes I crave a conversation about the latest TV shows, movies or sales event at the mall.

Looking back there are things I miss but I would never, ever ask for them back. I love being a mother and nothing can ever replace the feeling that I have holding my little one's hand. The sacrifices were well worth it.

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