Monday, December 6, 2010


At the Manila Doctors Bazaar, I bought matching necklace and earrings from Klasse Murae made from glass beads.

At the Noel Bazaar, I bought two necklaces made from shells and beads and three earrings to match. Yes, I am into fashion jewelry now, only I am limited by my funds, wardrobe and allergy to most metals. So, much as I really love some designs, I just dare not invite rashes. Plus, some accessories are quite expensive (which is why I am partly itching to go to Marinduque because the Moriones bazaar there has really cheap accessories vendors).

The same goes with bags. I just cannot get anything with studs and other metallic adornments. But my Mom gave me a nice, classy bag and now I really must get myself an Eden Poem Scarf. I'm just not buying a baby bag anymore!

Yes, I am into accessories now. But I have to temper all the purchases since Yamee will grow up and might start tugging and chewing my precious necklaces, so I just know, there'd come a time I'd have to forego the neck embellishments when I'm with him.

And that's practically all the time!


Jenny said...

mec!!! i'm going to have mommy necklaces and organic mamas nursing necklaces very soon!!! watch out for them! :P

Mec said...

nyahaha sis, pagagastusin mo na naman ako!!!