Saturday, December 4, 2010

Buying Gifts Online

My husband's birthday was a quiet one and I didn't even have a proper card for him. I just digiscrapped a page and that was it. He had to buy his own cake even.

And now, Christmas is looming and I have no proper gift to give again. I know I can always find inexpensive gifts online for men but I also know that he is lusting for specific gadgets, which are quite expensive.

I am thinking of buying him this Obsession perfume though that I read about that (big) cats are supposed to like.

I also haven't bought gifts for any niece or nephew just yet, except my Artscow projects for three nieces. I am leaning towards not buying anyone anything (to be fair) but I also know that I am the gift-giving kind. Sigh. Who knows how else I will be stressing myself and everyone else.

I might just order from Clever Cats or :)

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