Thursday, December 2, 2010

Haggard Hubby

Currently at wits' end attending to two sons, one of whom is an infant and the other is a feverish preschooler (who just also showered his play dough set with Yakult, arggh). Where is hubby in all these? Sleeping.

I let him sleep early to stave off a migraine. He was awake at 6 AM and let me catch some sleep for a while this morning so I owe him. Plus, he also wakes up when our infant cries. Soon, I may be getting him some wrinkle cream from just so he won't look older than his years.

But Readers' Digest did say that involved, caring people decrease their chances of getting heart attacks so I guess there is an upside to all this exhaustion. Plus, it's not like caring for our sons doesn't have its other rewards.

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