Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy to be Out

This was taken last night at the EB for my blog friend, and Yakee's Ninang, at Malayan Plaza.

The other night, our family took my Mom to the bus station in Cubao and bought a vacuum cleaner. I guess you can say, I have been exposing my sons to all kinds of germs these days. We were literally out every day this week except today, and it's either from exhaustion or cabin fever that Yakee acted out earlier tonight and scratched and bit me. My right wrist is still swollen and tender from the bite. I should really rethink tetanus shots.

But anyway, I'm still glad to be out a lot. It's hard, with two kids in tow, but it also makes me feel human. I'm just having issues with my breastfeeding clothes because I've lost weight so some of them are riding lower in front and exposing me more, and one of them is missing (the one I intended for the baptism).

Can you appreciate how puffed my eyes are?

And yes, it seems like my wardrobe isn't changing. Well, I really have to wear nursing tops when am out with the kids and it just so happened that I have four black, three red, two gray (one of which was missing, the other being the Infinitude) and a striped purple one. Not much variety, I know :)

Which is why it drives me crazy that I can't find a seller of the green and lilac Corsierre. Haha.

I have yet to buy outfits for us this Christmas!!! But oh, when to do it!


Meanwhile, Yamee's gaining almost 3x the normal weight gain of newborns. Yikes!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mec! I enjoy reading your blog. I recently found out that we have the same pedia, Dr. Mantaring.

I'm having problems breastfeeding. My 3 month old daughter is not gaining as much despite our effort to directly feed. How lucky you are that your son is gaining more than expected.

Mec said...

Hi sis... is Dr. Mantaring worried though? He's very chillax and I've learned to just really trust him. He did tell me he doubts my son will sustain that kind of weight gain, so maybe at 3 months, I'd be in the same boat.

Just keep breastfeeding sis! As long as there are other signs your girl is thriving, keri lang yan!

imom said...

You look fab, Mec! Anonf puffy eyes?? Tsaka parang nainggit ako sa little bundle mo. Parang I want one too, haha! Slight lang naman.

Mec said...

Nyahahaha Chats... kaasi super laki na ni Nate, hindi mo makarga ng ganito? :D O ito yung natural amnesia they say that leads to more babies... parents forget the sleepless nights and tantrums so they have more :D